Little Missy Daisy

Little Missy Daisy FL294

Petite little clumps of dainty, charming little daisies. Each single, violet... Read More

Rose Ball, English Daisy FL297

(Bellis perennis) Biennial or perennial. To 6”. Super-double pompons in... Read More

Mixed Colors Daisy FL295

(Dimorphotheca aurantiaca)Sunny, yellow to orange single... Read More


Swan River Daisy Mixed FL298

(Brachycome iberidifolia) Annual. Single, one-inch daisies in shades of... Read More
Double Flowered Mix

Double Flowered Mix, English Daisy Flower FL296

(Bellis perennis) Biennial or perennial. To 6”. Petite, double daisy flowers,... Read More
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