four o clocks

Four O'Clock's

(Mirabilis jalapa) Annual. Tubers may be lifted and stored for planting the following spring. Discovered in the 16th century, the flowers open at approximately 4:00 PM. Fragrant flowers come in a wide range of colors, such as pink, magenta, yellow, white, and more. Very bright and attractive. Makes another great flower for night gardens.

Stars and Stripes - Marvel of Peru

Stars and Stripes - Marvel of Peru

Here is a glorious mix of bicolored and splashed flowers in the colors... Read More
Tall Mixed - Marvel of Peru

Tall Mixed - Marvel of Peru

(Mirabilis jalapa) A colorful mix of colors, this is a lovely garden favorite. Read More
Salmon Sunset

Salmon Sunset Four O'Clocks

(Mirabilis jalapa) True salmon-colored trumpets with a pale pink star at... Read More
Marbles Mixed

Marbles Mixed Four O'Clocks

(Mirabilis jalapa) Extravagant mixture contains all of the various colors... Read More
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