Arroyo Lupine

Arroyo Lupine FL143

The most moisture-tolerant of all Lupines, preferring heavy, fairly moist... Read More

Borbor Giant Mediterranean Lupine JS165

(Lupinus albus) Most gardeners in North America don’t know... Read More


Giuletti Giant Mediterranean Lupine JS167

(Lupinus albus) Giuletti is a very large seeded variety... Read More

Nabah from Cairo

Nabah from Cairo JS166

(Lupinus affn. Angustifolius) Joe believes that Nabah Cairo... Read More


Ludmilla JS164

(Lupinus affn. angustifolius) Joe believes that Ludmilla... Read More


Blue Lupine Flower FL410

(Lupinus Perennis) Perennial-Violet-Blue ''pea'' flowers on long spikes... Read More
Pixie Delight Mix Lupine

Pixie Delight Mix Lupine WF124

(Lupinus hartwigii) Annual. Diminutive plants with flower spikes barely... Read More
Aureus Yellow Lupine - Wildflower

Aureus Yellow Lupine - Wildflower WF110

(Lupinus densiflorus) Perennial. Soak seeds 24 hours before planting.... Read More
Russell Mix Lupine - Wildflower

Russell Mix Lupine - Wildflower WF105

(Lupinus polyphyllus) Hardy perennial. Best in cooler climates. Soak seeds... Read More
Texas Bluebonnet - Wildflower

Texas Bluebonnet - Wildflower WF103

(Lupinus texensis) Perennial. Soak seeds 24 hours before planting. This... Read More
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