(Tropaeolum majus) Annual. Sow where plants are to grow.

Alaska Mix - Nasturtium

Alaska Mix - Nasturtium FL500

Beautiful variegated green-and-white foliage with stunning red, yellow... Read More
Alaska Red Shades Nasturtium

Alaska Red Shades Nasturtium FL217

Annual. Stunning round-leafed nasturtium foliage is brightly variegated.... Read More
Dwarf Jewel Mix - Nasturtium

Dwarf Jewel Mix - Nasturtium FL503

Bright sunny colors: yellow, pink, red and orange. The edible flowers are... Read More
Empress of India - Nasturtium

Empress of India - Nasturtium FL508

A very unique old heirloom with dark foliage and brilliant fire-red blossoms... Read More
Globe Of Fire Nasturtium

Globe Of Fire Nasturtium FL218

Annual--Semi-double and double, searing scarlet, spurred blooms held well... Read More
Jewel Peach Melba - Nasturtium

Jewel Peach Melba - Nasturtium FL507

This jewel of nasturtium breeding produces blossoms in a lovely shade of... Read More
King Theodore Nasturtium

King Theodore Nasturtium FL514

Fashionable, dark green plants have mahogany-red blooms with chocolate... Read More
Milkmaid - Nasturtium

Milkmaid - Nasturtium FL505

Here is a most unique nasturtium that is a pale, creamy color that is quite... Read More
Moonlight Nasturtium

Moonlight Nasturtium FL509

Wonderful trailing vines can grow to 7 feet and makes a great ground cover... Read More
Sahin's Paso Double Nasturtium

Sahin's Paso Double Nasturtium FL219

Annual—The flowers are conspicuously displayed above lush bright green... Read More
Spitfire - Nasturtium

Spitfire - Nasturtium FL510

Long, trailing vines produce a cascade of fiery, red-orange blooms. Great... Read More
Tall Trailing Mix Nasturtium

Tall Trailing Mix Nasturtium FL511

This heirloom favorite grows up to 10 feet in a season and is perfect for... Read More
Yellow Canary Creeper Nasturtium

Yellow Canary Creeper Nasturtium FL515

(Topaeolum peregrinum) Exotic South American native vine reaches 15 feet,... Read More
Yeti - Nasturtium

Yeti - Nasturtium FL513

Named after the ape-like rare creature that legend says inhabits the Himalayas,... Read More
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