(Nicotiana alata except as noted) Annual. Container-sowing indoors in early spring preferred. Caution: Poisonous.

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Aztec Sweet - Nicotiana

Aztec Sweet - Nicotiana FL523

Grows about 3 feet tall and has small, starry white blossoms that release... Read More
Crimson Bedder Nicotiana

Crimson Bedder Nicotiana FL220

Annual. Full-sized Flowering Tobacco plants are robust. Flower spikes exceed... Read More
Delaware Indian Sacred - Nicotiana

Delaware Indian Sacred - Nicotiana FL525

Dwarf 15-inch plants produce clusters of light-green flowers. A cute little... Read More
Hopi Tobacco

Hopi Tobacco FL527

(N. rustica) Traditional ceremonial variety used for centuries by the gentle... Read More
Langsdorf - Nicotiana

Langsdorf - Nicotiana FL526

(Nicotiana langsdorffii) Well-known green flowering Nicotiana for high... Read More
Lime Green - Nicotiana

Lime Green - Nicotiana FL521

A truly amazing and wonderful shade of bright lime-green, these are a standout... Read More
Louisiana Piroque Nicotiana

Louisiana Piroque Nicotiana FL524

Named for the traditional flat-bottom boat that is used by the Cajuns in... Read More
Scentsation Mix - Nicotiana

Scentsation Mix - Nicotiana FL522

Nicotianas were popular in early America and were planted by Thomas Jefferson.... Read More
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