(Nicotiana alata except as noted) Annual. Container-sowing indoors in early spring preferred. Caution: Poisonous.

Fragrant Delight - Nicotiana

Fragrant Delight - Nicotiana FL520

A full color range of beautiful and very fragrant evening- and night-blooming... Read More
Lime Green - Nicotiana

Lime Green - Nicotiana FL521

A truly amazing and wonderful shade of bright lime-green, these are a standout... Read More
Scentsation Mix - Nicotiana

Scentsation Mix - Nicotiana FL522

Nicotianas were popular in early America and were planted by Thomas Jefferson.... Read More
Aztec Sweet - Nicotiana

Aztec Sweet - Nicotiana FL523

Grows about 3 feet tall and has small, starry white blossoms that release... Read More
Louisiana Piroque Nicotiana

Louisiana Piroque Nicotiana FL524

Named for the traditional flat-bottom boat that is used by the Cajuns in... Read More
Delaware Indian Sacred - Nicotiana

Delaware Indian Sacred - Nicotiana FL525

Dwarf 15-inch plants produce clusters of light-green flowers. A cute little... Read More
Langsdorf - Nicotiana

Langsdorf - Nicotiana FL526

(Nicotiana langsdorffii) Well-known green flowering Nicotiana for high... Read More
Hopi Tobacco

Hopi Tobacco FL527

(N. rustica) Traditional ceremonial variety used for centuries by the gentle... Read More
Crimson Bedder Nicotiana

Crimson Bedder Nicotiana FL220

Annual. Full-sized Flowering Tobacco plants are robust. Flower spikes exceed... Read More
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