(Viola) Annual. Spring-plant for summer bloom in cool-summer climates; plant late summer for autumn bloom in warmer zones. Grows and blooms best when cooler conditions prevail.

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Alpenglow Pansy

Alpenglow Pansy FL223

Annual. Here’s a selection out of the Swiss Giants series that is sure... Read More
Black King Pansy

Black King Pansy FL951

A truly royal flower, this rich, large pansy has gorgeous petals, a satiny,... Read More
Morning Dew Pansy

Morning Dew Pansy FL271

Cheerful, little pansy flowers in a range of colors including burgundy,... Read More
Orange Sun Pansy

Orange Sun Pansy FL547

Fancy, tangerine-orange colored blossoms are really stunning on the bright... Read More
Springtime Cassis Pansy

Springtime Cassis Pansy FL950

This is a gorgeous deep purple pansy. The petals have a dark grape color... Read More
Super Beaconsfield Pansy

Super Beaconsfield Pansy FL276

Annual. A stunning bicolor type: velvety lower petals in darkest purple... Read More
Swiss Giants - Pansy

Swiss Giants - Pansy FL541

An old standard in pansies. Large flowers come in many bright and attractive... Read More
Violet, Bowles' Black - Pansy

Violet, Bowles' Black - Pansy FL545

This old-fashioned garden favorite has small flowers that are nearly black... Read More
Winter Flowering Hiemalis Pansy

Winter Flowering Hiemalis Pansy FL955

"Hiemalis" refers to wintertime in Latin, and these are a different species,... Read More
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