Annual. Early start indoors recommended.

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Alderman Petunia

Alderman Petunia FL567

Annual. Classic funnel-shaped petunia flowers, straight from the gardens... Read More
Balcony Mix - Petunia

Balcony Mix - Petunia FL562

This old petunia was popular with gardeners throughout much of the first... Read More
Dwarf Bedding Mix - Petunia

Dwarf Bedding Mix - Petunia FL561

Here is the old standard petunia that graced American gardens in the 1950s.... Read More
Fire Chief Petunia

Fire Chief Petunia FL563

An All-America Selections Winner in 1950, but this old winner has nearly... Read More
Rose Of Heaven Petunia

Rose Of Heaven Petunia FL564

This is a lovely variety with flowers that are a beautiful shade of delicate... Read More
Salmon Coral Petunia

Salmon Coral Petunia FL566

Annual. Call the brilliant color salmon, or call it coral--either way,... Read More
Snowball Petunia

Snowball Petunia FL568

Annual. Extra-large petunia flowers reach 4 inches across, are of the whitest... Read More
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