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Alpine Mix Poppy

Alpine Mix Poppy FL957

(Papaver alpinum) Perennial range of colors, from white and slamon pink to... Read More
American Legion - Poppy

American Legion - Poppy FL585

(Papaver rhoeas) This Flanders poppy grew in Europe in the First World... Read More
Black Peony - Poppy

Black Peony - Poppy FL582

(Papaver somniferum) We offer pure seed for this truly amazing, deep purple-black... Read More

Black Swan - Poppy FL591

(Papaver somniferum) Gorgeous double flowers--frilly cut petals of burgundy... Read More
Golden West California Poppy

California Poppy - Golden West WF138

(Eschscholzia californica) Bright yellow-gold, four-petaled flowers sport... Read More
California Poppy - Wildflower

California Poppy - Orange WF106

(Eschscholzia californica) Hardy annual. Often self-sows. Early. The brilliant... Read More
California Poppy, Purple Gleam Wildflower

California Poppy - Purple Gleam WF122

(Eschscholzia californica) Light purple-pink to dusky rose, single version... Read More
California Poppy - Rainbow Mix

California Poppy - Rainbow Mix WF145

The ultimate California Poppy mix! Every glorious shade on the spectrum... Read More
Danish Flag Poppy

Danish Flag Poppy FL595

Annual. Enormous flowers reach six inches across. Each one is intricately... Read More
Eastern Horned - Poppy

Eastern Horned - Poppy FL588

(Dicranostigma franchetianum) A rare, yellow-flowering member of the Poppy... Read More
Flemish Antique - Poppy

Flemish Antique - Poppy FL583

(Papaver somniferum) Beautiful, large double blooms in shades of rose,... Read More
Florist Pepperbox Poppy

Florist Pepperbox Poppy FL596

Annual. Breadseed-type poppy in shades of red, purple, and pink. The papery... Read More
Frosted Salmon Poppy

Frosted Salmon Poppy FL586

(Papaver somniferum) Giant 4-5-inch flowers are fully double and bright... Read More
Ivory Castle California Poppy

Ivory Castle California Poppy WF175

(Eschscholzia californica) Each creamy white, four-petaled single bloom... Read More
Lilac PomPom - Poppy

Lilac PomPom - Poppy FL590

(Papaver somniferum) Amazing double and semi-double lanciniata-type flowers... Read More
Mother of Pearl - Poppy

Mother of Pearl - Poppy FL589

(Papaver rhoeas) A lovely mixture of misty and subtle shades. The late... Read More
Pandora Poppy

Pandora Poppy FL222

Annual. Flanders Poppy with a twist! The range of color runs from dusky... Read More
Prickly Poppy

Prickly Poppy FL597

(Argemone albiflora) Annual. Gardeners don’t have that many options for... Read More
Purple Peony Poppy

Purple Peony Poppy FL592

(P. somniferum) Large, double poppy flowers are of a stunning, bright,... Read More
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