(Helianthus annus except as noted) Annual.

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Arikara - Sunflower

Arikara - Sunflower FL736

This native variety produces tall 10-foot plants with many beautiful large,... Read More
Autumn Beauty - Sunflower

Autumn Beauty - Sunflower FL720

(Helianthus annuus) A beautiful sunflower! Many 6-inch flowers in brilliant... Read More

Crimson Queen Sunflower FL751

Velvety, deep burgundy flowers with dark centers. Multiflora type produces... Read More
Evening Sun - Sunflower

Evening Sun - Sunflower FL733

This beautiful variety has medium-large blooms in shades of burgundy, rust,... Read More
Fantazja Sunflower

Fantazja - Sunflower FL879

A beautiful European selection, Fantazja means “imagination” in Polish.... Read More
Giant Primrose - Sunflower

Giant Primrose - Sunflower FL734

Tall plants grow 8-12 feet and produce multiple blooms that are a soft,... Read More
Giant White-Seeded Sunflower

Giant White-Seeded Sunflower FL744

(H.uniflorus Giganteus) This classic giant variety produces large, yellow... Read More
Henry Wilde - Sunflower

Henry Wilde - Sunflower FL745

The classic-looking heirloom sunflower with pure yellow petals and dark... Read More
Hidatsa #1 Sunflower

Hidatsa #1 Sunflower FL822

Plants running about 8 feet tall produce a large central flower head and... Read More

Italian White - Sunflower FL723

This heirloom produces white and creamy yellow 4-inch flowers with dark... Read More
Lemon Queen - Sunflower

Lemon Queen - Sunflower FL722

-Our best selling flower!- Beautiful lemon-yellow blooms with chocolate... Read More
Mammoth Grey Sunflower

Mammoth Grey - Sunflower FL735

The standard giant variety that produces delicious seeds. The 10-foot plants... Read More
Mexican Sunflower - Goldfinger

Mexican Sunflower - Goldfinger FL746

Lovely soft-orange-colored flowers on a more compact, yet profusely flowering... Read More
Mexican Sunflower - Red Torch

Mexican Sunflower - Red Torch FL729

(Tithonia rotundifolia) (GOLDEN FLOWER OF THE AZTECS) Brilliant red-orange... Read More
Mexican Sunflower - Yellow Torch

Mexican Sunflower - Yellow Torch FL747

Here is a yellow version of this most popular plant with delightful apricot-yellow... Read More
Red Sun Sunflower

Red Sun Sunflower FL912

Stately branching plants reaching 5-6 feet tall are covered with dozens... Read More
Russian Black Seeded Sunflower

Russian Black Seeded Sunflower JS140

(Helianthus annuus) This seed came from a Russian woman... Read More

Sun Spot Dwarf Cola Sunflower

Sun Spot Dwarf Cola Sunflower FL135

Annual. Single, large flowers are very impressive for their size—10” flower... Read More

Taiyo Sunflower FL929

Annual. To 6-7 feet. An old Japanese variety, non-branching and grown... Read More
Tall Orange Sun - Sunflower

Tall Orange Sun - Sunflower FL825

Clear yellow-orange, six-inch, fully double flowers look for all the world... Read More
Tarahumara White Seeded - Sunflower

Tarahumara White Seeded - Sunflower FL741

Grown by the Tarahumara tribe for their mostly white seeds, plants produce... Read More
Teddy Bear - Sunflower

Teddy Bear - Sunflower FL724

Beautiful 3-6-inch double, deep yellow blooms. Plants grow to only 18-24... Read More
Titan Sunflower

Titan Sunflower FL749

Massive, record-setting flower heads have reached a fantastic 24 inches... Read More
Yellow Pygmy Sunflower

Yellow Pygmy Sunflower FL137

Dwarf, single-flowered variety in warm sunflower yellow. Plants reach 18... Read More
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