(Helianthus annus except as noted) Annual.

Autumn Beauty - Sunflower

Autumn Beauty - Sunflower FL720

(Helianthus annuus) A beautiful sunflower! Many 6-inch flowers in brilliant... Read More
Lemon Queen - Sunflower

Lemon Queen - Sunflower FL722

-Our best selling flower!- Beautiful lemon-yellow blooms with chocolate... Read More

Italian White - Sunflower FL723

This heirloom produces white and creamy yellow 4-inch flowers with dark... Read More
Teddy Bear - Sunflower

Teddy Bear - Sunflower FL724

Beautiful 3-6-inch double, deep yellow blooms. Plants grow to only 18-24... Read More
Mexican Sunflower - Red Torch

Mexican Sunflower - Red Torch FL729

(Tithonia rotundifolia) (GOLDEN FLOWER OF THE AZTECS) Brilliant red-orange... Read More
Evening Sun - Sunflower

Evening Sun - Sunflower FL733

This beautiful variety has medium-large blooms in shades of burgundy, rust,... Read More
Giant Primrose - Sunflower

Giant Primrose - Sunflower FL734

Tall plants grow 8-12 feet and produce multiple blooms that are a soft,... Read More
Mammoth Grey - Sunflower

Mammoth Grey - Sunflower FL735

The standard giant variety that produces delicious seeds. The 10-foot plants... Read More
Arikara - Sunflower

Arikara - Sunflower FL736

This native variety produces tall 10-foot plants with many beautiful large,... Read More
Hopi Black Dye - Sunflower

Hopi Black Dye - Sunflower FL740

This rare Hopi heirloom is hard to find and was used for making dye. The... Read More
Tarahumara White Seeded - Sunflower

Tarahumara White Seeded - Sunflower FL741

Grown by the Tarahumara tribe for their mostly white seeds, plants produce... Read More
Tiger Eye Mix Sunflower 2

Tiger Eye Mix Sunflower FL743

This mix is a stunning assortment of bronze, red, brown and yellow, and... Read More
Giant White-Seeded Sunflower

Giant White-Seeded Sunflower FL744

(H.uniflorus Giganteus) This classic giant variety produces large, yellow... Read More
Henry Wilde - Sunflower

Henry Wilde - Sunflower FL745

The classic-looking heirloom sunflower with pure yellow petals and dark... Read More
Mexican Sunflower - Goldfinger

Mexican Sunflower - Goldfinger FL746

Lovely soft-orange-colored flowers on a more compact, yet profusely flowering... Read More
Mexican Sunflower - Yellow Torch

Mexican Sunflower - Yellow Torch FL747

Here is a yellow version of this most popular plant with delightful apricot-yellow... Read More
Titan Sunflower

Titan Sunflower FL749

Massive, record-setting flower heads have reached a fantastic 24 inches... Read More
Hidatsa #1 Sunflower

Hidatsa #1 Sunflower FL822

Plants running about 8 feet tall produce a large central flower head and... Read More
Tall Orange Sun - Sunflower

Tall Orange Sun - Sunflower FL825

Clear yellow-orange, six-inch, fully double flowers look for all the world... Read More
Red Sun Sunflower

Red Sun Sunflower FL912

Stately branching plants reaching 5-6 feet tall are covered with dozens... Read More

Crimson Queen Sunflower FL751

Velvety, deep burgundy flowers with dark centers. Multiflora type produces... Read More

Taiyo Sunflower FL929

Annual. To 6-7 feet. An old Japanese variety, non-branching and grown... Read More
Russian Black Seeded Sunflower

Russian Black Seeded Sunflower JS140

(Helianthus annuus) This seed came from a Russian woman... Read More

Sun Spot Dwarf Cola Sunflower

Sun Spot Dwarf Cola Sunflower FL135

Annual. Single, large flowers are very impressive for their size—10” flower... Read More
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