Sweet Pea

Sweet Peas

(Lathyrus odoratus) We offer a wonderful collection of old heirlooms and many are very fragrant. Plant in early spring, or whenever the weather is cool and moderate. Annual except as noted. Soak seeds 24 hours before planting. Sow in place in early spring into rich, moist soil. Plants thrive in the moderate conditions of spring, and tolerate some low temperatures. In most climates hot summer weather will put a stop to the blooming season. (Warning: The seeds, pods and plants are poisonous!)

America Sweet Pea

America Sweet Pea SW101

Delightful white blossoms are striped with brilliant blood red! A favorite,... Read More
Sweet Pea

Azureus Blue - Sweet Pea SW160

(L. sativus azureus) Brilliant azure-blue flowers about 1 inch across,... Read More
Beaujolais Sweetpea

Beaujolais Sweet Pea SW134

Gorgeous, large, fragrant blossoms are a rich, burgundy wine color, truly... Read More
Belinensis Red Yellow Sweet Pea

Belinensis Red Yellow Sweet Pea SW171

Annual—Strikingly different, recently discovered sweet pea species in a... Read More
Black Knight Sweetpea

Black Knight Sweet Pea SW103

Dark purplish-maroon blossoms are nearly black! Introduced in 1898 by Henry... Read More
Blue Reflections Sweetpea

Blue Reflections Sweet Pea SW147

Superb blend of fragrant Reflection sweet peas in all shades of blue and... Read More
Blue Streamer - Sweet Pea

Blue Streamer - Sweet Pea SW161

White petals with the merest hint of "blue" flecks, which to me look more... Read More
Blue Velvet Spencer - Sweet Pea

Blue Velvet Spencer - Sweet Pea SW162

Another old variety, originally found in the legenday garden of the Earl... Read More

Butterfly Old Spice Sweet Pea SW105

The Old Spice types carry intense fragrance, and Butterfly is no exception.... Read More
Chocolate Streamer Sweet Pea

Chocolate Streamer Sweet Pea SW150

Gorgeous, chocolate-speckled blossoms are fragrant. Rare and unusual.... Read More
Countess Cadogan Sweet Pea

Countess Cadogan Sweet Pea SW169

Fragrant Old Spice selection in blues. Bluish purple standard with clear... Read More
Cupani Original Sweet Pea

Cupani Original Sweet Pea SW131

The original strain of sweet pea, sent to England in 1699 by Franciscus... Read More
Dwarf Villa Roma White/Rose - Sweet Pea

Dwarf Villa Roma White/Rose - Sweet Pea SW163

Bush habit, unusual for sweet peas. White petals blushed with rose toward... Read More
Flora Norton Sweet Pea

Flora Norton Sweet Pea SW111

Lovely clear light blue flowers that have a powerful fragrance. Introduced... Read More
Henry Eckford Sweet Pea

Henry Eckford Sweet Pea SW158

Named after Mr. Eckford himself. The vines produce loads of spectacular... Read More
Janet Scott Sweet Pea

Janet Scott Sweet Pea SW114

Lovely, baby pink blossoms are highly perfumed and are quite beautiful.... Read More
King Edward VII Sweet Pea

King Edward VII Sweet Pea SW157

Brilliant crimson sweet peas are very fragrant and colorful! Plants produce... Read More
Late Spencer Choice Mix Sweet Pea

Late Spencer Choice Mix Sweet Pea SW133

The mix includes selections from the entire range of the Spencer types:... Read More
Lord Nelson Sweet Pea

Lord Nelson Sweet Pea SW117

Beautiful navy blue flowers are quite stunning! Extra fragrant too. This... Read More
Melody Mix Sweet Pea

Melody Mix Sweet Pea SW154

A series of sweet peas bred in Australia by Keith Hammelt. Gorgeous bicolors... Read More
Miss Wilmott Sweet Pea

Miss Wilmott Sweet Pea SW118

An English heirloom from 1901. She is one striking sweet pea! Blossoms... Read More
Old Spice Mix Sweet Pea

Old Spice Mix Sweet Pea SW122

A gorgeous and fragrant mix of the finest sweet peas. Selected from varieties... Read More
 Painted Lady Sweet Pea

Painted Lady Sweet Pea SW135

One of the most fragrant sweet peas, the flowers are striking bicolored... Read More
Perennial Sweet Pea Mix

Perennial Sweet Pea Mix SW156

(L. latifolius) Hardy perennial. Sow in place fall or spring. Here is... Read More
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