Wild flower

Wild Flowers

Black-eyed Susan - Wildflower

Black-eyed Susan - Wildflower WF101

(Rudbeckia hirta) Hardy annual. Often self-sows. A popular native variety... Read More
 Evening Primrose - Wildflower

Evening Primrose - Wildflower WF102

(Oenothera lamarckiana) Biennial. Beautiful, yellow native flower. Read More
Texas Bluebonnet - Wildflower

Texas Bluebonnet - Wildflower WF103

(Lupinus texensis) Perennial. Soak seeds 24 hours before planting. This... Read More
Plains Coreopsis - Wildflower

Plains Coreopsis - Wildflower WF104

(Coreopsis tinctoria) Hardy annual. Occasionally self-sows. Prefers a... Read More
Russell Mix Lupine - Wildflower

Russell Mix Lupine - Wildflower WF105

(Lupinus polyphyllus) Hardy perennial. Best in cooler climates. Soak seeds... Read More
California Poppy - Wildflower

California Poppy - Wildflower WF106

(Eschscholzia californica) Hardy annual. Often self-sows. Early. The brilliant... Read More
Bird's Eyes - Wildflower

Bird's Eyes - Wildflower WF107

(Gila tricolor) Hardy annual. Often self-sows. Attractive tricolored flowers,... Read More
Mountain Phlox - Wildflower

Mountain Phlox - Wildflower WF108

(Linanthus Grandiflorus) Hardy annual. Often self-sows. Pastel lavender-pink... Read More
Farewell-to-Spring - Wildflower

Farewell-to-Spring - Wildflower WF109

(Clarkia amoena) Hardy annual. Often self-sows. Lovely salmon-pink blossoms.... Read More
Aureus Yellow Lupine - Wildflower

Aureus Yellow Lupine - Wildflower WF110

(Lupinus densiflorus) Perennial. Soak seeds 24 hours before planting.... Read More
Gaillardia Indian Blanket - Wildflower

Gaillardia Indian Blanket - Wildflower WF111

(Gaillardia) Hardy annual. Often self-sows. Lovely, yellow, daisy-like... Read More
Yellow Prairie Coneflower - Wildflower

Yellow Prairie Coneflower - Wildflower WF112

(Ratibida columnaris) Hardy perennial. A lovely, perennial flower that... Read More
Siberian Wallflower - Wildflower

Siberian Wallflower - Wildflower WF113

(Cherianthus allionii) Hardy perennial. Vibrant yellow-orange, phlox-like... Read More
Scarlet Flax - Wildflower

Scarlet Flax - Wildflower WF115

(Linum grandiflorum rubrum) Often self-sows. This species can be grown... Read More
Alaska Shasta Daisy - Wildflower

Alaska Shasta Daisy - Wildflower WF117

(Chrysanthemum maximum) Hardy perennial. This easy to grow daisy has large... Read More
Evenings Dame's Rocket - Wildflower

Evenings Dame's Rocket - Wildflower WF118

(Hesperis matronalis) This plant has naturalized in many parts of the... Read More
Maltese Cross - Wildflower

Maltese Cross - Wildflower WF119

(Lychnis chalcedonica) Large 3-4-foot tall spikes produce stunning neon... Read More
Red Mexican Hat - Wildflower

Red Mexican Hat - Wildflower WF121

(Ratibida columnifera) Perennial. This flower is colorful with its red... Read More
California Poppy, Purple Gleam

California Poppy, Purple Gleam Wildflower WF122

(Eschscholzia californica) Light purple-pink to dusky rose, single version... Read More
Rock Soapwort

Rock Soapwort WF123

(Saponaria ocymoides) Vigorous, low-trailing perennial plant--so beautiful... Read More
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