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We sell only select garden books that we ourselves enjoy! Having the right info is so important. Learning how to grow and save seed and reading the history of heirlooms is really exciting. NO ADDITIONAL POSTAGE CHARGE (above our normal order shipping fee) FOR BOOKS SHIPPED WITHIN THE USA!

Baker Creek Vegan Cookbook

Baker Creek Vegan Cookbook & Bonus Seeds

As a bonus, we will send you 3 packets of our favorite culinary herb seeds... Read More
Heirloom Life Gardener Book-- SPECIAL OFFER!

Baker Creek Seed's "THE HEIRLOOM LIFE GARDENER" --------- Plus, a free magazine subscription!


Gardening the Baker Creek Way! 

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The Whole Seed Catalog

2014 The Whole Seed Catalog ( U.S., Canada, And Mexico)


This price includes shipping, and will be shipped by USPS Priority... Read More

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