Gardening Tools

Rockery Hand Trowel

Rockery Hand Trowel CFT101

A narrow blade only one inch wide is designed to allow precision work between... Read More
Weeding Hand Fork

Weeding Hand Fork CFT104

Designed for weeding or aerating the soil in tight spaces. Blade is 5 inches... Read More
Daisy Grubber

Daisy Grubber CFT105

The narrow, V-shaped blade has just the right amount of bend in it to make... Read More
Watering Can

Copper Watering Can CWC101

This beautiful indoor watering can is a must-have for the serious indoor... Read More

Nutscene Garden Twine NGT101

All purpose garden twine is made of 3-ply all natural jute from sustainable... Read More
Serious Hand Weeder

Serious Hand Weeder SHW101

This wonderful weeding tool is designed and built by an engineer turned organic... Read More
Weeding Trowel

Weeding Trowel CFT102

Designed for routine weeding. The blade is 1 ½ inches wide and super strong;... Read More
Bosmere Twine Ties

Bosmere Twine Ties BTT101

All purpose garden ties made from soft foam with a galvanized steel wire... Read More
Transplanting Trowel

Transplanting Trowel CFT103

Unique half-round design of the blade cradles and supports seedlings, avoiding... Read More

Planting Dibber CFT107

Classic tool for planting fall bulbs into well-worked earth. The business-end... Read More
Hand Trowel

Hand Trowel CFT106

This trowel has a wide blade. A perfect companion for planting bulbs, seeds... Read More
CobraHead Hand Hoe

CobraHead Hand Hoe CDT101

The CobraHead precision weeder and cultivator is the closest thing to a... Read More
Bosmere 5" White Plant Labels

Bosmere 5" White Plant Labels WPL101

Economical to use, the plastic plant labels come in a resealable plastic... Read More
Copper Marker

Copper Plant Markers CPM101

Durable and attractive plant markers made of beautiful copper. These permanent... Read More
The Whole Seed Catalog

2014 The Whole Seed Catalog ( U.S., Canada, And Mexico) WHS101

This price includes shipping, and will be shipped by USPS Priority... Read More

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