Garbanzo & Chick Pea

Grande di Alta Murgia, Lathyrus sativus

Grande di Alta Murgia, Lathyrus sativus JS233

Horse lentils, That is what these magnificient pulses used to be called... Read More
Hare Chhole #2 Green

Hare Chhole #2 Green (Green Indian Garbanzo) Chickpea JS132

This is an amazing emerald green chickpea from India. The cultivation... Read More

Kabouli Black Garbanzo Bean

Kabouli Black Garbanzo Bean AB111

This unique heirloom variety was collected in Kabul, Afghanistan. The 2’... Read More
Small Tan Kala Garbanzo

Small Tan Kala Garbanzo JS125

(Cicer arietinum) This is one of the chickpea types known... Read More

Umbrian Cicerchia

Umbrian Cicerchia JS183


The Cicerchia is not so well known in the USA ,... Read More

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