(Phaseolus vulgaris) An ancient staple crop grown throughout North and South America.

Bean Arikara Yellow

Arikara Yellow Bean BN145

Bush, 80-85 days. A tan to creamy yellow dry bean originally from the... Read More
Bakela Indian Fava Bean

Bakela Indian Fava Bean JS129

(Vicia faba) The Fava Bean has been cultivated for thousands... Read More

bean buerre de rocq

Beurre De Rocquencourt Bush Wax Bean BN128

Bush. A productive heirloom wax bean named for Rocquencourt, France, a... Read More

Blauhilde Bean BN165

Spectacular climbing type makes enormous purple pods! Pods stay tender... Read More
Bean Blue Lake Bush

Blue Lake Bush 274 Bean BN119

60 days. This dark-green bean has been a standard for over 40 years. The... Read More
Bolita Bean

Bolita Bean BN133

Half-runner. This bean was one of the original varieties brought by the... Read More

Borbor Giant Mediterranean Lupine JS165

(Lupinus albus) Most gardeners in North America don’t know... Read More


Borlotto Bush or Tongues of Fire Bean BN141

Bush, 65-70 day. Also known as Horto. Reputedly originated in Tierra del... Read More

Calima Bean BN144

Bush, 50-55 days. French filet type pods of dark green color, slim straight... Read More

Cantare Bean BN153

Bush, 50-55 days. Superior producer of nice straight dark green pods for... Read More
Columbian Lizard Bean

Colombian Lizard Bean JS191

This large bean was discovered in Southern Panama. It was said to be a... Read More
Colombian Marble Bean 1

Colombian Marble Bean JS168

Colombia is another super diversity spot for the common bean. There are... Read More
bean contender

Contender (Buff) Valentine Bush Bean BN102

Bush, 50 days. A superb bush bean with huge yields of excellent-quality... Read More
bean dragon tongue

Dragon Tongue Bush Bean BN126

Bush. This famous Dutch heirloom bean has an incomparable flavor. The tender... Read More
Feijao Fidalgo Beans

Feijao Fidalgo Beans BN139

Interesting new addition to the garden, supplied originally by our Portuguese... Read More
Fin De Bagnols

Fin De Bagnols Bean BN154

Bush. 57 days. Old standard French haricot verte (horticultural or filet)... Read More
French Garden Beans

French Garden Bean BN143

50 days—Excellent production of a refined type, atop compact plants—dark... Read More

Galopka Bean BN161

Yellow pods are produced abundantly on compact plants. The pods are very... Read More
Garnet Rice Bean

Garnet Rice Bean JS130

(Vigna umbellata) A recent scholarly report declared that... Read More


Giuletti Giant Mediterranean Lupine JS167

(Lupinus albus) Giuletti is a very large seeded variety... Read More

Gold Marie Vining Beans

Gold Marie Vining Bean BN142

Pole, 70-75 days. Rampant vining plants produce tons of large golden pods.... Read More
bean golden wax

Golden Wax Bush Bean BN104

55 days. Delicious golden-yellow pods are stringless and are of good quality... Read More
bean good mother stallard

Good Mother Stallard Bean BN148

Pole, 85-90 days. Gorgeous, plump maroon-and-white beans are great in... Read More

Greasy Grits Bean BN127

Pole, 90 days. A popular old Appalachian and Mountain folk heirloom that... Read More
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