(Phaseolus vulgaris) An ancient staple crop grown throughout North and South America.

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1500 Year Old Cave Bean

1500 Year Old Cave Bean BN177

The amazing native bean reputedly found in a cave in New Mexico, in a clay... Read More
Bean Arikara Yellow

Arikara Yellow Bean BN145

Bush, 80-85 days. A tan to creamy yellow dry bean originally from the... Read More

Bean, Petite Carre de Caen WW181

This highly productive heirloom cut short pole bean was grown in the kitchen... Read More
bean buerre de rocq

Beurre De Rocquencourt Bush Wax Bean BN128

Bush. A productive heirloom wax bean named for Rocquencourt, France, a... Read More
Black Turtle Bean

Black Turtle Bean BN169

Splendid dark purple-black bean that is widely grown throughout Latin America,... Read More
Blauhilde Bean

Blauhilde Bean BN165

Spectacular climbing type makes enormous purple pods! Pods stay tender... Read More
Bean Blue Lake Bush

Blue Lake Bush 274 Bean BN119

60 days. This dark-green bean has been a standard for over 40 years. The... Read More
Bolita Bean

Bolita Bean BN133

Half-runner. This bean was one of the original varieties brought by the... Read More

Borlotto Bush or Tongues of Fire Bean BN141

Bush, 65-70 day. Also known as Horto. Reputedly originated in Tierra del... Read More
Borlotto Di Vigevano Nano Bean

Borlotto Di Vigevano Nano Bean BN191

These beautiful bush beans are a sensation at the farmers market and with... Read More
Brown Lazy Wife Lentil Bean

Brown Lazy Wife Lentil Bean WW119

The lentil bean, otherwise known among the Pennsylvania Dutch as Brown... Read More

Calima Bean BN144

Bush, 50-55 days. French filet type pods of dark green color, slim straight... Read More

Cantare Bean BN153

Bush, 50-55 days. Superior producer of nice straight dark green pods for... Read More
cherokee trail of tears

Cherokee Trail of Tears Pole Bean BN134

Pole, 65 days. This heirloom was brought from Tennessee by the Cherokee... Read More
bean contender

Contender (Buff) Valentine Bush Bean BN102

Bush, 50 days. A superb bush bean with huge yields of excellent-quality... Read More
Dragon Tongue Bean

Dragon Tongue Bush Bean BN126

Bush, 60 days. This famous Dutch heirloom bean has an incomparable flavor.... Read More
Fertilizer Bean

Fertilizer or Velvet Bean BN183

Excellent soil-builder, which is its main use in Belize, where our seed... Read More
Fort Portal Jade Bean

Fort Portal Jade Bean BN186

Amazing jewel-toned green beauties! Dried beans are a glassy blue-green... Read More
Galopka Bean

Galopka Bean BN161

Bush, 60 days. Yellow pods are produced abundantly on compact plants. The... Read More
Gold Marie Vining Bean

Gold Marie Vining Bean BN142

Pole, 70-75 days. Rampant vining plants produce tons of large golden pods.... Read More
Golden Butterwax Bean

Golden Butterwax Bean BN190

Bush. An old favorite that has been praised by gardeners for superior... Read More
bean golden wax

Golden Wax Bush Bean BN104

Bush, 55 days. Delicious golden-yellow pods are stringless and are of good... Read More
bean good mother stallard

Good Mother Stallard Bean BN148

Pole, 85-90 days. Gorgeous, plump maroon-and-white beans are great in... Read More
Haricot Tarbais Beans

Haricot Tarbais Bean BN149

Pole, 90 days. Plump snowy-white variety has been grown for centuries... Read More
Henderson's Black Valentine

Henderson's Black Valentine Bean BN103

Bush, 55 days. Introduced in 1897 by Peter Henderson & Co., this excellent... Read More
bean hidatsa red

Hidatsa Red Indian Bean BN146

Half-runner, 85 days. Here’s another Dakota variety, so you know it’s... Read More
Hutterite Soup Bush Bean

Hutterite Soup Bush Bean BN121

Bush, 70 days. This variety is revered for making fabulous soups, having... Read More
 Jacob's Cattle Bush Bean

Jacob's Cattle Bush Bean BN115

Bush, 90 days. An old-time bean from the New England states, the white... Read More

Landreth Stringless Bush Bean BN151

Bush, 55 days. This meaty variety debuted in 1885. It is a flavorful, stringless... Read More
Magpie bean bird

Magpie Bean BN182

A gorgeous bush bean that can be enjoyed as a fresh eating snap bean or... Read More
Marconi Bean Seed

Marconi a Grano Bianco Bean BN167

White-seeded Italian variety. Makes great snaps, or use as a shell variety:... Read More
bean mayflower pole

Mayflower Bean BN111

Pole, 95 days. This is the bean that is said to have come to America with... Read More
McCaslan 42 Pole Bean

McCaslan 42 Pole Bean BN108

Pole, 62 days. This is a selection of the old McCaslan bean that was grown... Read More
Bean Meraviglia Di Venezia bush

Meraviglia Di Venezia Bean BN166

Bush, 55 days. The name translates to “Marvel of Venice” and this stringless... Read More
Monachelle Bean # 2

Monachelle di Trevio Bean (Angelini Family Selection) JS190

(Pole) When Joe first learned about the Monachelle Bean from the... Read More


Mountaineer Half Runner Bean BN152

Half-runner, 55 days. (Also called Old Dutch Half Runner) Tender snap bean... Read More
Nonna (Grandmother) Agnes’s Blue Bean, Phaseolus vulgaris

Nonna (Grandmother) Agnes’s Blue Bean, Phaseolus vulgaris JSBN102

Joe Simcox, The Botanical Explorer, introduces one of the most astounding... Read More
Ojo De Cabra

Ojo De Cabra Bean BN140

Pole, 80 days. The name means “Eye of the Goat” and the lengthwise brown... Read More
Ojo De Tigre Bean

Ojo De Tigre Bean BN170

The pods of this pinto-like bean can be picked immature for fresh eating,... Read More
bean old homestead

Old Homestead (Kentucky Wonder) Bean BN105

Pole, 65 days. This homesteaders’ heirloom was first mentioned in The Country... Read More

Or Du Rhin Bean BN155

Pole, 65 days. The name translates to “gold of the Rhine” and these gorgeous,... Read More
Purple Dove Bean

Purple Dove Bush Bean BN150

Here's a spectacular new offering from plant breeder,the late Robert Lobitz..... Read More
Koronis Bean

Purple Koronis Bean WW192

Bred by the late Robert Henry Lobitz, 'Koronis Purple' is a favorite of... Read More
Purple Podded Pole Bean

Purple Podded Pole Bean BN114

Pole, 70 days. This delicious heirloom was discovered in the Ozark mountains... Read More
Purple Teepee

Purple Teepee Bean BN162

Bush, 60 days. Super-productive bush type, yielding straight, purple pods.... Read More
Rajama Indian Pink Bean

Rajama Indian Pink Bean JS131

(Phaseolus vulgaris) Beans are a big thing in India. The... Read More

Rattlesnake Pole Bean

Rattlesnake Pole Bean BN109

Pole, 65 days. This pole bean is easy to grow and produces lots of green... Read More
anasazi 2

Red Anasazi Bean BN157

(Also known as Anasazi) 86 days, bush--Here is a priceless heirloom that's... Read More
Red Swan Bush Bean

Red Swan Bush Bean BN181

Bush, 55 days. Here’s another beautiful selection from the late Robert... Read More
Rio Zape Bean

Rio Zape Bean BN175

Nominated to the Slow Foods “Ark of Taste’” for its creamy texture and... Read More
bean roma 2

Roma II Bush Bean BN107

Bush, 55 days. This is an improved Romano, bush type, green bean that produces... Read More
Royalty Purple Pod Bean

Royalty Purple Pod Bush Bean BN101

Bush, 56 days. Tender, bright purple pods turn green when cooked. Very... Read More
Saxa Bean

Saxa Bean BN163

Bush, 60 days. Very compact bush type bean that has long been a favorite... Read More
bean snow cap

Snow Cap Bean BN147

Half-runner, 75 days. This very large, beautiful bean has a distinctive... Read More
Spanish Tolosana Bean

Spanish Tolosana Bean BN171

Bush 85 days (Also known as Prince) This magnificent kidney-bean dates... Read More
State Half Runner Bean

State Half Runner Bean BN110

Half-runner, 60 days. Short, 3’ semi-vining plants produce 4” pods that... Read More
 Top Crop Bean

Top Crop Bean BN158

This bean lives up to its name as the top of the crop, raking in a 1950... Read More
Tuvaglieda Bean

Tuvaglieda Bean JS206

Another one of Beanmaster Domenico Belisarios special selections. Domenico... Read More
White Rice Bush Bean

White Rice Bush Bean BN116

Bush, 80 days. An old heirloom that produces slender seeds that are about... Read More
Wild pigeon bean

Wild Pigeon Bean WW137

Wild Pigeon is an old-style Eastern Woodland Native American semi-pole... Read More
Zuni Gold Bean

Zuni Gold Bean BN156

Bush, 85 days. Gloriously mottled in rich gold and white, these bush beans... Read More
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