(Phaseolus vulgaris) An ancient staple crop grown throughout North and South America.

Manoa Wonder Pole

Manoa Wonder Pole Bean JS119

In hot humid regions growing green snap beans can be a real challenge.... Read More
Bakela Indian Fava Bean

Bakela Indian Fava Bean JS129

(Vicia faba) The Fava Bean has been cultivated for thousands... Read More

Papa De Rola Bean

Papa De Rola Bean BN117

90 days. Also called "Dove's Breast". Plump, oval beans are half white... Read More
Zuni Gold Bean

Zuni Gold Bean BN156

Gloriously mottled in rich gold and white, these bush beans from the Southwest... Read More

Blauhilde Bean BN165

Spectacular climbing type makes enormous purple pods! Pods stay tender... Read More

Galopka Bean BN161

Yellow pods are produced abundantly on compact plants. The pods are very... Read More
Saxa Bean

Saxa Bean BN163

60 days. Very compact bush type bean that has long been a favorite in... Read More
Bean Meraviglia Di Venezia bush

Meraviglia Di Venezia Bean BN166

Bush type. The name translates to “Marvel of Venice” and this stringless... Read More
Kashmir Thin Skin Bean

Kashmir Thin Skin Bean JS171

(Phaseolus vulgaris) The Kashmir Thin Skin Bean has an oily... Read More

Mapupa Coco bean

Mapupa Coco Bean JS173

The Mapupa Coco Bean is a large brown bean that is grown traditionally... Read More
Succotash Bean

Succotash Bean BN136

Wow, here is our most unique bean! The beans are shaped like a kernel of... Read More
Rajama Indian Pink Bean

Rajama Indian Pink Bean JS131

(Phaseolus vulgaris) Beans are a big thing in India. The... Read More

Merti Bollito

Merti Bollito JS176

(Phaseolus vulgaris) Colombia is the land of beans, although... Read More


Borbor Giant Mediterranean Lupine JS165

(Lupinus albus) Most gardeners in North America don’t know... Read More

Fin De Bagnols

Fin De Bagnols Bean BN154

Bush. 57 days. Old standard French haricot verte (horticultural or filet)... Read More
Tarwi Q'ollo Lupine

Tarwi Q'ollo Lupine JS169

(Lupinus mutabilis) The Tarwi Lupine is another one of the... Read More

Nabah from Cairo

Nabah from Cairo JS166

(Lupinus affn. Angustifolius) Joe believes that Nabah Cairo... Read More


Giuletti Giant Mediterranean Lupine JS167

(Lupinus albus) Giuletti is a very large seeded variety... Read More

Feijao Fidalgo Beans

Feijao Fidalgo Beans BN139

Interesting new addition to the garden, supplied originally by our Portuguese... Read More
Tan Gram

Tan Gram JS178

(Macrotyloma uniflorum) One has to wonder why this special... Read More

Imbabura Tarwi

Imbabura Tarwi JS172

(Lupinus mutabilis) Joe first encountered the seeds of Tarwi... Read More

Purple Teepee

Purple Teepee Bean BN162

Super-productive bush type, yielding straight, purple pods. These are held... Read More
Pink Quartz Bean

Pink Quartz Bean JS170

(Phaseolus vulgaris) The Pink Quartz Bean is one of many... Read More

Saint-Esprit à Oeil Rouge Bush Bean

Saint-Esprit à Oeil Rouge Bush Bean BN135

This unique dry bean name "Holy Spirit in Red Eye" is due to its unique... Read More
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