Fava Beans

Fava & Broad Beans

(Vicia faba) Mediterranean native that is quite different from ordinary beans. Prefers cool weather, tolerates frost. Can be early fall-sown in Zone 6 and higher. In very cold-winter regions, plant in late winter or early spring. Sow the seed 1 to 2 inches deep in full sun. For beans, allow 8-12 inches between the plants; for soil improvement, space much closer and mow or till when the plants begin to bloom.

bean fava aquadulce

Aquadulce Fava Bean FB103

85 days. This 19th-century Spanish heirloom produces large, white beans,... Read More
bean fava broad windsor

Broad Windsor Fava Bean FB101

75 days. Yields gourmet high-protein beans on upright nonbranching plants.... Read More
Extra Preocoe Grano Violetto

Extra Precoce A Grano Violetto Fava Bean FB105

This extra early variety produces long pods that are filled with 6 large... Read More
bean fava Ianto's

Ianto's Fava Bean FB104

Originally introduced by Alan Kapuler of Peace Seeds. A large-seeded Guatemalan... Read More
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