Lima Beans

Lima Beans

(Phaseolus lunatus) Originally grown in South America. Grown and harvested the same as common beans. Limas won’t thrive in extreme heat.

alabama blackeyed

Alabama Blackeyed Bean

Plump white beans with a dark brown-to-black eye are produced on vigorous,... Read More

Christmas Pole Lima Bean

95 days. Very large white beans with beautiful, dark red splashes, rich... Read More
bean dixie

Dixie Speckled Butterpea Lima Bean

76 days. Very productive. Beans are about the size of peas; red-speckled... Read More
bean hendersons bush lima

Henderson's Bush Lima Bean

71 days. Introduced in 1888 by Peter Henderson & Co. and one of their... Read More
Bean lima jackson wonder

Jackson Wonder Bush Lima Bean

75 days. Introduced in 1888 by David Landreth & Sons. Heavy yields of... Read More
lima king of the garden

King of the Garden Lima Bean

90 days. Large 8’-10’ vines yield very LARGE white lima beans and give... Read More
Urabamba Giant Lima Bean

Urabamba Giant Lima Bean


( Phaseolus lunatus) Lima Beans seem to have originated... Read More

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