Runner Beans

(Phaseolus coccineus) Another New World native. Grown like ordinary beans with one major difference: they prefer cooler temperatures. Sow in spring about two weeks before last frost; young seedlings tolerate a light frost. Plant the large seeds 1-3 inches deep, 4-6 inches apart at base of trellis or other support. Use the robust pods as snaps, or allow the seed to mature further for shell or dried use. Hot summer weather usually shuts production down, but the plants may start bearing again when the weather cools.

Golden Sunshine

Golden Sunshine Runner Bean

85 days. Here is something really unusual: it’s a runner bean, but the... Read More
Painted Lady

Painted Lady Runner Bean

Traditional English bi-color grown since 1596! The name had mention to... Read More
Streamline Runner Bean

Streamline Runner Bean

Amazingly prolific, produces clusters of tender, straight pods suitable... Read More
Sunset Runner Bean

Sunset Runner Bean

65-70 days. Runner beans are all attractive enough for flower gardens or... Read More
Scarlet Runner

Scarlet Runner Bean

80 days. Used by native Americans, large, beautiful, vigorous vines grow... Read More
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