(Beta vulgaris) An Old World crop known to the Romans, but not cultivated for roots until much later. Beets aren't just red—be sure to try other types of beetroot as well!Make successive sowings of beetroot seeds for harvests all season, starting 2-4 weeks before last frost in spring, and continuing until a month before first frost in fall. (Sowings in intense mid-summer heat may not germinate satisfactorily.) Sow where the plants are to grow, 1/2 inch deep, 4-6 inches apart, in full sun on a neutral (non-acid) soil. Most "seeds" are really capsules containing multiple seeds, so thinning to single plants is necessary. If the young, growing beetroot plants are thinned gradually, the thinnings can be enjoyed as greens. Keep soil evenly moist. When mature, lift and store in the refrigerator or root cellar. Late crops can be left in the ground, mulched deeply, and dug as needed right through the winter months.

beet albino

Albino Beet

55 days. A pure white, fairly smooth round heirloom beet from Holland.... Read More
Bull's Blood Beet

Bull's Blood Beet

50 days. This beautiful beet has deep reddish-purple leaves! Very sweet... Read More
chioggia beet

Chioggia (Bassano) Beet

60 days. Pre-1840 Italian heirloom beet, this variety arrived in the USA... Read More
crapaudine beet

Crapaudine Beet

In 1885, the French book The Vegetable Garden stated this is one of the... Read More
beet crosby's egyptian

Crosby's Egyptian Beet

55 days. Introduced to this country in 1869 and trialed by Peter Henderson,... Read More
Cylindra or Formanova Beet

Cylindra or Formanova Beet

55 days. A wonderful heirloom from Denmark, this one is famous for slicing... Read More
Detroit Dark Red Beet

Detroit Dark Red Beet

55 days. The most popular, old standard, all-purpose red beet; uniform... Read More
Early Wonder

Early Wonder Beet

50 days. An old heirloom, pre-1811 variety. Early, smooth, round beet;... Read More
beet flat of egypt

Flat of Egypt Beet

50 days. In 1885 Vilmorin said, “An exceedingly early variety, and certainly... Read More

Fuer Kugel Beet

60 days. Smooth-skinned, dark purple roots remain sweet and tender even... Read More
geante blanche beet

Geante Blanche Beet

A “Giant White” fodder beet that is a mainstay in France as a beet for... Read More
giant yellow eck

Giant Yellow Eckendorf Beet

The 1927 Henry Fields catalog said, “Giant, smooth, long roots of cylindrical... Read More
golden beet

Golden Beet

55 days. This variety dates back to the 1820s or before. The beets are... Read More
lutz salad beet

Lutz Salad Leaf Beet

70 days. Quite possibly the best storage beet known. Top-shaped red roots... Read More
Mammoth Red Mangel

Mammoth Red Mangel Beet

100 days. Huge, up to 20 lbs each; large yields per acre. Highly used for... Read More

Pronto Beet

55 days. Sweet roots are smooth, round and slightly flattened; very elegant.... Read More
Shiraz Tall Top

Shiraz Tall Top Beet

60 days. Dual-purpose variety! Very fast-growing tops may be harvested... Read More
sugar beet

Sugar Beet

95 days. White-fleshed conical roots are larger than our Albino Beet, and... Read More
Yellow Cylindrical Beet

Yellow Cylindrical Beet

Very large, oblong, golden-yellow mangel beets are sweet and tasty if picked... Read More
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