Joe has a lot of friends in Hawaii. Right now the champion gardener on the islands is Christopher Carter, aka: Coconut Chris. Chris has a legendary food garden growing with hundreds of varieties of bananas, sweet potatoes, taros, tropical vines, papayas, fruit species of all sorts, rare beans, tubers and even native edible plant collections. Chris has planted thousands of trees all over the islands and he passionately tries to teach others about tending and living from the land. Many of the seeds in our list have been secured by Joe through the extensive research into developing lasting open pollinated varieties done decades ago by the University of Hawaii. Many fantastic cultivars are still relevant to home gardeners and commerce because the original men and women working on the breeding programs wanted both taste and quality. Joe has selected some great varieties here. We test germination and believe seeds to be true to type. In most cases they have not been yet been trialled in our Baker Creek Gardens. We are told that the varieties of corn and Papaya that are originating from the University of Hawaii are in fact GMO free! By purchasing seeds you are directly helping sponsor Joseph Simcox on his botanical adventures to bring us more of the earth's genetic treasures. Most varieties are extremely limited, often under 100 packets available. Thank you for your interest and support! This seed is brought to us by Botanical Explorer, Joseph Simcox: learn more here 

Komohana Grape Tomato

Komohana Grape Tomato JS115

(Solanum lycopersicon) This oblong Thompson grape shaped... Read More

Anahu Tomato

Anahu Tomato JS113

(Solanum lycopersicon) This is... Read More

Healani Tomato

Healani Tomato JS116

(Solanum lycopersicum) This is another one of the “tropical... Read More


Hilo Laotian Squash JS122

(C. moschata) Hilo Laotian seems to be a unique landrace that may... Read More

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