Joseph Simcox introduces us the fascinating and historic seeds of India. Varieties that have been lovingly cherished by native cultures. Most of these seeds are offered here for the first time in North America. We test germination and believe seeds to be true to type. In most cases they have not been yet been trialled in our Baker Creek Gardens. Corn varieties in his collection have not had genetic testing due to small quantities on hand. By purchasing seeds you are directly helping sponsor Joseph Simcox on his botanical adventures to bring us more of the earth's genetic treasures. Most varieties are extremely limited, often under 100 packets available. Thank you for your interest and support! This seed is brought to us by Botanical Explorer, Joseph Simcox: learn more here 


Yellow Mamba Moth Bean JS180

The Moth Bean is a discrete bean from South West Asia that has been cultivated... Read More
Rajama Indian Pink Bean

Rajama Indian Pink Bean JS131

(Phaseolus vulgaris) Beans are a big thing in India. The... Read More

Pusa Rudhira Red Carrot

Pusa Rudhira Red Carrot JS242

Pritam Kalia, a world renowned vegetable breeder, created this amazing... Read More
Pusa Asita Black Carrot

Pusa Asita Black Carrot JS254

This is the incredible work of Pritam Kalia in India. He has been extremely... Read More

Punjab Round Bottle Gourd JS245

(Lagenaria siceraria) Gourds are often considered to be just useful or... Read More

Madhu Ras, Rajasthan Honey Melon JS257

Rajasthan in Western India is a dry hot place full of mystery and also... Read More
Keli Kheli Melon

Keli Kheli Melon JS256

India is much smaller than the U.S., however it has three times the population... Read More
Kashmir Thin Skin Bean

Kashmir Thin Skin Bean JS171

(Phaseolus vulgaris) The Kashmir Thin Skin Bean has an oily... Read More

Durst Farm Esparto Paul Michael Rainbow Squash DSC06978.jpg

Kajari Melon JS235

This is one of the melons that just about drove Joe crazy trying to secure.... Read More
Indian Curved Pod Lablab Bean

Indian Curved Pod Lablab Bean JS135

(Dolichos lablab) This is another Lablab Bean with a very... Read More

Hare Chhole #2 Green

Hare Chhole #2 Green (Green Indian Garbanzo) Chickpea JS132

This is an amazing emerald green chickpea from India. The cultivation... Read More

Dosakai Melon

Dosakai Melon JS150

(Cucumis melo) Although much of the information about Dosakai... Read More

Deliah's delight Cowpea

Deliah's Delight Cowpea, Vigna unguiculata JS229

This is an extraordinarily productive and resistant variety bred by the... Read More

Danshree Guvar Bean JS253

Guvar Beans are very tasty, they are grown throughout India and are regularly... Read More
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