Joseph Simcox loves Italy. It is one of those rare countries that bridges time and still maintains a strong bond to it's past. Italy is actually a very mountainous country. Wherever there are mountains there is also great diversity. These fascinating seeds often have centuries of history behind them. In this section you will find rare melons, amazing heirloom beans and a great assortment of real rarities! We are extremely proud to have beans from the personal collection of famed Italian Bean farmer Domenico Bellisario. Domenico and his family have been growing beans for four generations. Also in this section you will find the absolutely unique Altrei Coffee. Joe's dear friend Otto Werth and his family having been growing this singularly unique crop for centuries! From the north we have the so called Cabbage Turnips--Naones. These extraordinary vegetables have been cultivated in the same region for more than two thousand years. Lastly there is a collection of "cucumber melons" from Southern Italy that is one of the most extensive around. Most of these seeds are offered here for the first time in North America. We test germination and believe seeds to be true to type--some landraces have inherent diversity and we consider this their character.. In most cases they have not been yet been trialled in our Baker Creek Gardens. Corn varieties in his collection have not had genetic testing due to small quantities on hand. By purchasing these seeds you are directly helping sponsor Joseph Simcox on his botanical adventures to bring us more of the earth's genetic treasures. Most varieties are extremely limited, often under 100 packets available. Thank you for your interest and support! This seed is brought to us by Botanical Explorer, Joseph Simcox: learn more here 

Desi Summer Squash

Desi Summer Squash JS252

Cicoria Spadona da Taglio

Cicoria Spadona da Taglio JS224

Cannelino Rosso Bean

Cannelino Rosso Bean JS197

Spanish Black Carrot

Spanish Black Carrot JS255

This wonderful dark carrot, is one of the old world carrots that are black/brown.... Read More
Limburgse Gele Van Mollenstaart Carrot

Limburgse Gele Van Mollenstaart Carrot JS250

This is a rare old fashioned golden carrot from Belgium. It has several... Read More
Carosello Tonda di Fasano

Carosello Tonda di Fasano Melon JS211

Another one of Joe;s incredible Cucumber Melon finds from Southern Italy.... Read More

Rossa di Treviso Tardiva- Candy Stick Chicory JS241

Italy is the land of Chicory, there are hundreds of old heirloom varieties.... Read More
Salsola soda, Agretti

Salsola soda, Agretti JS187

This is one of Joe's favorite greens from Italy. Although the plant is... Read More
Wild Gourmet Pea arvense

Wild Gourmet Pea of Umbria: "Roveja di Casteluccio" JS216

The so called Wild Gourmet Pea of Umbria is actually known by the fancy... Read More
Carosello Barattiero Melon

Carosello Barattiero Melon JS222

The Carosello Barattiero Melon, is another one of the special "Cucumber"... Read More

Arancino Melon JS210

Southern Europe is full of all kinds of special heirloom melons. France... Read More
Naone Giallo Cabbage Turnip

Naone Gialle Cabbage Turnip JS186

The Giant Trentino Ancient cabbage Turnip is one of the marvels of the... Read More
Munachedda Pale Bean

Munachedda Pale bean JS207

This is one of Domenico Belisario's special selections, the bean is... Read More
Monachelle Bean # 2

Monachelle di Trevio Bean (Angelini Family Selection) JS190

(Pole) When Joe first learned about the Monachelle Bean from the... Read More

Carosello Spuredda Leccese Verde

Carosello Spuredda Leccese Verde Melon JS225

 This particular "Cucumber melon" originates in the local environs... Read More

Tortorello Verde Barese Melon

Tortorello Verde Barese Melon JS226

This wonderful "Cucumber Melon" from the Bari region of Southern... Read More

Carosello Scopatizzo Barese Melon

Carosello Scopatizzo Barese Melon JS205

South Italy is the epicenter for a very unique group of melons- Melons... Read More
Umbrian Cicerchia

Umbrian Cicerchia JS183


The Cicerchia is not so well known in the USA ,... Read More


Altrei Coffee JS198

Altrei Coffee is one of the great discoveries of Ethnobotanists in... Read More

Naone Rosse Trentino Antica

Ancient Giant Red Trentino Cabbage Turnip (Naone Rosse Antica Trentino) JS185

The Giant Trentino Ancient cabbage Turnip is one of the marvels of the... Read More

Borbor Giant Mediterranean Lupine JS165

(Lupinus albus) Most gardeners in North America don’t know... Read More


Giuletti Giant Mediterranean Lupine JS167

(Lupinus albus) Giuletti is a very large seeded variety... Read More

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