Joseph Simcox introduces us the fascinating and historic seeds of Peru. Varieties that have been lovingly cherished by native cultures. Most of these seeds are offered here for the first time in North America. We test germination and believe seeds to be true to type. In most cases they have not been yet been trialled in our Baker Creek Gardens. Corn varieties in his collection have not had genetic testing due to small quantities on hand. By purchasing seeds you are directly helping sponsor Joseph Simcox on his botanical adventures to bring us more of the earth's genetic treasures. Most varieties are extremely limited, often under 100 packets available. Thank you for your interest and support! This seed is brought to us by Botanical Explorer, Joseph Simcox: learn more here 


(Kulli) Black Incan Corn JS143

Over 2700 years ago the Incans had already started building their... Read More

Kiwicha Blanco

Kiwicha Blanco JS181

Kiwicha (Amaranthus caudatus) is another food of the Andes that is only... Read More
Mayacoba Limon Bean

Mayacoba Limon Bean JS174

(Phaseolus vulgaris) Half-runner. The Mayacoba Beans are... Read More

Peruvian Chullpi Corn

Peruvian Chullpi Corn JS144

(Zea mays) Corn is one of the foundations of life in the... Read More

Tarwi Q'ollo Lupine

Tarwi Q'ollo Lupine JS169

(Lupinus mutabilis) The Tarwi Lupine is another one of the... Read More


Yurackallhua Incan Giant Corn JS147

In the Urrabamba Valley and adjacent areas in Peru grows this monster... Read More

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