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(Amaranthus sp.) Direct seed or set young, growing amaranth transplants after danger of frost, in rich soil and full sun. Space 2-3 feet apart. Drought tolerant, but more productive with adequate moisture. Harvest young leaves for greens all summer long. Amaranth seeds mature over a long period, so must be collected several times for best production; or, cut and hang upside-down indoors, collecting seeds on a tarp as they fall. (Some threshing may be necessary.) This crop is easy to grow, quite colorful and makes delicious greens and grain. A good ornamental plant for landscaping.

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Love-Lies-Bleeding - Red Amaranth 1 oz 2

Love-Lies-Bleeding - Red Amaranth 1 oz AM103C

60 days. Tall, 3’- 4’ plants are covered with very long rope-like flowers... Read More
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