Beans Bulk


(Phaseolus vulgaris) An ancient staple crop grown throughout North and South America.

Bean blue lake

Blue Lake Bush 274 Bean 1/2 lb BN119F

60 days. This dark-green bean has been a standard for over 40 years. The... Read More
bean golden wax

Golden Wax Bush Bean 1/2 lb BN104F

55 days. Delicious golden-yellow pods are stringless and are of good quality... Read More
bean homestead

Old Homestead (Kentucky Wonder) Bean 1/2 lb BN105F

65 days. This homesteaders’ heirloom was first mentioned in The Country... Read More
Roma II Bush Bean

Roma II Bush Bean 1/2 LB BN107F

Bush, 55 days. This is an improved Romano, bush type, green bean that produces... Read More
Royalty Purple Pod Bush Bean 1/2 lb 2

Royalty Purple Pod Bush Bean 1/2 lb BN101F

Bush, 56 days. Tender, bright purple pods turn green when cooked. Very... Read More
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