Cabbage Bulk


(B. oleracea) 300 seeds per packet. Cabbage does best in a long season of mild weather, but it is also very hardy and may be grown to mature in the cool weather of late autumn. Spring plantings are best started indoors and transplanted out about the time of last frost; summer plantings may be seeded right in the garden. We recommend early varieties for spring planting, longer-season, large-heading varieties for a fall crop.

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early jersey wakefield

Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage 1 oz CB103C

70 days. Introduced in the 1840’s, with tasty, 2-lb, sweet and flavorful,... Read More
Nero Di Toscana Cabbage

Nero Di Toscana Cabbage 1 oz CB101C

60 days. This loose-leafed cabbage dates back to the early 1800’s at least.... Read More
cabbage perfection

Perfection Drumhead Savoy Cabbage 1 oz CB110C

95 days. This large drumhead-type has finely-crinkled, savoyed leaves that... Read More
premium late flat dutch

Premium Late Flat Dutch Cabbage 1 oz CB109C

100 days. The standard, giant flat cabbage that is good for storage. 10... Read More
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