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(Solanum melongena and others) We offer the best selection of quality heirloom eggplants in the USA. This is my favorite crop, as it is easy to grow, and the fruit is nutritious and incredibly delicious. Another of the great staple agricultural crops of India, eggplant varieties have long been appreciated in traditional communities in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Mediterranean coast, and, more recently, the Americas. With their often large and showy purple or white blooms and velvety leaves, eggplants are ornamental enough to grow in the border or even in the front yard! Heat-loving plants, eggplants are best started indoors about 8 weeks before the last frost date of spring. Be sure to set out transplants only after carefully hardening them to outdoor conditions, and only after warm weather has really arrived.

Rotonda Bianca Sfumata Di Rosa Eggplant

Rotonda Bianca Sfumata Di Rosa Eggplant - 1/8 oz EG116H

120 days. This beautiful, round, white eggplant is shaded with rose-pink... Read More
Listada di Gandi

Listada de Gandia Eggplant 1/8 oz EG137H

90 days. One of the most popular heirloom types; this one has 7”-long fruit... Read More
Diamond Eggplant

Diamond Eggplant 1/8 oz EG102H

70 days. Mild, dark purple, 6-9” x 2-3” slender fruit; superb flavor and... Read More
Pandora Striped Rose Eggplant

Pandora Striped Rose Eggplant - 1/8 oz EG129H

A great market variety, teardrop-shaped fruit are a lovely lilac-rose color... Read More
Black Beauty EggplaNT

Black Beauty Eggplant 1/8 oz EG113H

90 days. Standard old type, large black fruit of excellent quality. Very... Read More
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