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(Lagenaria siceraria unless stated otherwise) Whether True Gourds, Angled Gourds or Edible Gourds, all of these squash relatives are from the Old World originally, and all need similar conditions: a long season of hot weather, and abundant moisture in a rich soil. May be direct-sown into warm soil, or started indoors a few weeks early. The fruits will be straighter and more symmetrical if the long vines are trained up a trellis, but all may be allowed to sprawl along the ground; some may run 20 feet! The edible sorts are best harvested when young,tender, and mild-tasting.

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Bushel Basket Gourd 1 oz

Bushel Basket Gourd 1 oz GD111C

Huge, round gourds, up to 24" across, can be used for all kinds of art... Read More
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