Tomatillo Bulk


(Physalis ixocarpa) Also called “husk tomato,” for the paper-like calyx or husk that encloses each fruit. They are grown about like tomatoes, except that they are seldom staked; they do tend to be a bit faster from seed than most tomatoes, and a little more tolerant to cold weather. Tomatillos are used in fresh salsas, and cooked in any number of sauces, including Mexican-style chili verde.

Tomatillo Purple

Tomatillo Purple - 1/8 oz TL101H

(Physalis ixocarpa) 68 days. Beautiful purple fruit, large... Read More

Tomatillo Verde

Tomatillo Verde - 1/8 oz TL102H

Deep green fruit; a standard, richly-ᴀavored type. Huge yields as with... Read More
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