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(Citrullus vulgaris) We’re #1 in watermelon varieties– check our selection! We carry watermelon seed for wide range of sizes and colors. Plant heirloom watermelon seeds in late spring; the plants thrive in summer heat. A longstanding crop in the South where it was originally transported by slaves from Africa.





Sow the seed one-half inch deep outdoors after frost-season is over and soil is warm. Soil should be rich and well-amended with compost or manure. Sow the seed 12 inches  apart, in rows 6 feet apart. They may be started indoors from seed no more than 2-3 weeks prior to setting-out date, and never let watermelon seedlings become root-bound in their pots.

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Ali Baba Watermelon

Ali Baba Watermelon - 1 oz WM152C

Our favorite watermelon! We introduced this ἀne variety about 12 years... Read More
Blacktail Mountain Watermelon

Blacktail Mountain Watermelon - 1 oz WM129C

Golden Midget Watermelon 1 oz

Golden Midget Watermelon 1 oz WM107C

70 days. A beautiful miniature watermelon that weighs around 3 lbs. It's... Read More
Japanese Cream Fleshed Suika Watermelon

Japanese Cream Fleshed Suika Watermelon 1 oz WM168C

85 days. A small Japanese type watermelon. 6-12 lb ice-box-sized fruit... Read More
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