Chinese Cabbage

Chinese Cabbage

ORIENTAL GREENS AND CABBAGES Mustards, as a rule, are the greens most tolerant of heat, can take some frosts, and stay usable longest in the garden; pak choy, tatsoi, and cabbages are apt to bolt in frosty weather or summer heat. All are best in cool spring or fall conditions. Most should be sown where plants are to grow. Sow no deeper than one-quarter inch in moist, rich, well-draining soil. Most types mature in about 45 days; heading varieties require 60-75 days.

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Chinese Cabbage, Hilton

Chinese Cabbage, Hilton OR140

70 days. Very easy to grow and made perfect heads in our Missouri gardens.... Read More
Michihli Cabbage

Michihli Chinese Cabbage OR108

70 days.(B. rapa) Big tall heads, widely grown in the Orient. Mild and... Read More
Wong Bok (Mandarin)

Wong Bok (Mandarin) Chinese Cabbage OR110

Large barrel-shaped heads occasionally reach 10 pounds, and of excellent... Read More
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