OTHER GREENS All are to be grown in reasonably moist, fertile soil. Cress, Corn Salad, and Arugula should be sown in place in late winter through mid-spring and harvested before hot weather, or in early fall for a late fall harvest. Mustard greens may be grown in the same way, but often give a harvest well into the summer heat. Collards may be started indoors and set out as transplants 2-4 weeks before last frost date in spring for a summer harvest. Or direct seed in the garden anytime until mid-summer for a fall harvest.

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Collards - Georgia Southern Creole

Collards - Georgia Southern Creole OG109

(B. oleracea) A great old southern favorite, pre-1880 heirloom that has... Read More
Karam Saag (Haak) Kashmiri - Collards

Karam Saag (Haak) Kashmiri - Collards WW141

Kashmiri Collards are among the rarest Brassicas available outside India.... Read More
Morris Heading Collards

Morris Heading Collards OG112

(B. oleracea). This variety is called "Cabbage Collards" by southern Old-Timers,... Read More
Roughwood Improved Green Glaze Collards

Roughwood Improved Green Glaze Collards WW140

This is a new strain of collard created by Dr. William Woys Weaver by selectively... Read More
Vates Collards

Vates Collards OG108

75 days- In the 1950's, this strain was praised as a "new dwarf strain,"... Read More
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