(Zea mays) The quintessential Native American crop, corn was a staple of indigenous peoples from South America to the Great Lakes. It’s believed to have been domesticated in Mexico, and may be of the world’s oldest agricultural crops. It’s best seeded directly into the garden, in good, rich, well-drained soil, right about the time of the last spring frost. Plant it in blocks rather than long narrow rows, to improve pollination. Corn can be very drought tolerant, but ears fill best when there is good soil moisture when tassels and silk first emerge. Harvest sweet corn when the kernels are full of milky-colored juice; allow other types to remain on the stalks until fully dry. All types of heirloom corn are grown the same way. At about the time of last frost in spring, plant heirloom corn seeds directly into the richest soil available, 1-2 inches deep. Whether planted in rows or beds, allow the corn plants up to about one square foot per plant, on average. Ears fill best when dry conditions are not allowed to prevail at tasseling time. Sweet corn is picked when milky juice is contained within the kernels; clear juice is immature, and chewiness means the ear is over-mature. Flour corn is left on the plant until thoroughly dry in the fall.

Country Gentleman Sweet Corn

Country Gentleman Sweet Corn CN105

90 days. Introduced in 1890 by S.D. Woodruff & Sons. Sweet, delicious and... Read More
Strawberry Popcorn

Strawberry Popcorn CN119

The popular, cute, little ears of corn look just like big strawberries,... Read More
Stowell's Evergreen Sweet Corn

Stowell's Evergreen Sweet Corn CN130

This is among the oldest sweet corn that is still in production, predating... Read More

Pencil Cob Dent Corn CN131

This old classic “shoepeg” type corn has very thin cobs, hence the name.... Read More
rainbow sweet

Rainbow Sweet Inca Corn CN135

A beautiful multicolored corn that was developed by Dr. Alan Kapuler. This... Read More
Corn dakota black popcorn

Dakota Black Popcorn CN136

Dark reddish-black ears of corn are quite attractive for fall decorations,... Read More

Thompson Prolific Dent Corn CN140

Excellent pale yellow dent type, very productive. Sturdy, 8-9 foot stalks... Read More

Wade's Giant Indian Flint Corn CN141

This is the best Indian flint corn we have found; huge ears are about 12”... Read More
Golden Bantam 12-Row Corn

Golden Bantam 12-Row Corn CN143

Released in 1922 by the Clark Seed Company of Milford, Connecticut. Although... Read More
Cherokee White Eagle Corn

Cherokee White Eagle Corn CN144

Beautiful white and blue kernels on 8”-10” ears, makes superb corn meal... Read More
Bedwell's Supreme White Dent Corn

Bedwell's Supreme White Dent Corn CN148

Stately plants usually produce 2 ears, 12-14” long. These are white, but... Read More

Cherokee Long Ear Corn CN138

100 days. A beautiful blend of brightly colored long ears (5”-7”), wonderful... Read More

Tennessee Red Cob Corn CN149

White dent-type kernels are produced on deep red cobs! There are a number... Read More

(Kulli) Black Incan Corn JS143

Over 2700 years ago the Incans had already started building their... Read More


Yurackallhua Incan Giant Corn JS147

In the Urrabamba Valley and adjacent areas in Peru grows this monster... Read More

Peruvian Chullpi Corn

Peruvian Chullpi Corn JS144

(Zea mays) Corn is one of the foundations of life in the... Read More



110 days. This remarkable white milling corn was introduced to us by Lewis... Read More
Morado Potolero Corn

Morado Potolero Corn JS145

Morado Potolero Mexican Corn, This amethyst colored corn is an old favorite... Read More
Doreen Sweet Corn

Dorinny Sweet CN153

Early season sweet corn that yields in cool climates. Dorinny was originally... Read More
Oaxaca Green Corn

Oaxacan Green Corn CN147

85-100 days. The stunningly beautiful ears of corn come in a range of... Read More

Chuspirunto Yellow Corn JS152

Chuspirunto Corn is another one of the thousands of corn varieties of the... Read More
Puka Chullpi Red Corn

Puka Chullpi Red Corn JS333


We believe Baker Creek Seeds is the only...
Read More
Sabina's Rainbow Pink Corn

Sabina's Rainbow Pink Corn JS324


Patrick Simcox found this breath-takingly...
Read More
Yuruckluhua Candy Stripe Corn

Yuruckluhua Candy Stripe Corn JS318


This extraordinarily rare, gigantic, red...
Read More
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