Endive & Escarole

(Cichorium endivia) A long appreciated European delicacy, these crops add a lightly bitter piquancy to salads. All are best grown in rich soil, and cooler weather; in most of the country, this makes them best-suited to the fall garden. Grown in about the same way as lettuce. Usually sown in mid-summer to mature in cool autumn weather. Germination may be improved by starting seeds indoors, sheltered from the intense summer's heat. Do not let young seedlings become root-bound. Set plants into the garden when they've reached a convenient size. Some gardeners tie the outer leaves around the inner heart to blanch, which makes the crop milder; other folks prefer the slight bitterness as a counterpoint in their salads.

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Batavian Full Heart

Batavian Full Heart Endive EE101

AAS Winner 1934 with broad, thick, curled leaves heart blanches white.... Read More
De Louviers Escarole

De Louviers Escarole EE104

Leaves are very finely curled and deeply notched. Produces a good blanched... Read More

De Meaux Endive EE105

Broad, dark green heads with creamy-white, blanched hearts that are heavenly... Read More

FRIS√ČE Endive EE106

Also known as Curly Endive. Finely cut leaves add beauty and body to salads.... Read More
Riccia Cuor D'Oro Endive

Riccia Cuor D'Oro Endive EE107

(Golden Heart Endive) Early Frisee-type with deep-green outer leaves shading... Read More
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