Garlic and Onion Bulbs

We are now accepting pre-orders for garlic!  We will begin shipping the garlic in mid-September 2015.  We can only ship garlic within the Continental U.S.

plant bulbs 8 inches apart 2 inches deep in well-drained and amended soil. Use a paper row cover and punch a hole with a rounded end shovel head and a stopper at 2 inches to control depth. Then back fill the holes with some nice loamy dirt and water heavily.  Mulching with straw is the key to sucess. Mulching about 1.5 inches thick helps retain moisture and aids in insulation during the frigid weather. The garlic grows and develops in the bleak winter months but still needs lots of water.  Keeping the beds well drained is important as well to prevent molding issues.



German Red Garlic 1 lb

German Red Garlic 1/2 lb GB109

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Elephant Garlic

Elephant Garlic 1 lb GB142

Limited quantity! ( Allium ampeloprasum) Actually... Read More

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