Our selection of cover crop and grain seeds includes many different plant species. Whether grown for soil improvement (hairy vetch, winter peas, rape), or to harvest for use as grain (rice, millet, quinoa, flax, chuffa),in the home garden they tend to be sown on a larger scale than many vegetable types. Some crops, like buckwheat or sesame, are used both ways!

Austrian Winter Pea

Austrian Winter Pea GS101

Pisum arvense) Close relative of Garden or English peas, but this variety... Read More
Black Seeded Sesame

Black Seeded Sesame GS124

This black-seeded variety has tasty, nutty-flavored seeds that are popular... Read More

Buckwheat GS104

(Fagopyrum esculentum) Tender plant used as a warm-season cover crop. Plant... Read More
Camelina or False Flax

Camelina or False Flax GS131

NEW! (Camelina sativa) Also known as Gold-of-Pleasure. Promising "new"... Read More

Chuffa or Chufa GS108

(Cyperus esculentus) This plant is also called Ground Almond or Earth Chestnut.... Read More
Clover Crimson

Crimson Clover GS136

Annual. Also known as Italian Clover. Nitrogen- fixing legume often grown... Read More

Emmer Wheat GS134

(Triticum dicoccum) We’re so excited to be able to offer this “ancient... Read More

Flax GS113

(Linum usitatissimum) True source of fibers that for thousands of years... Read More
Hairy Vetch

Hairy Vetch GS105

(Vicia villosa) Plant spring or fall for nitrogen fixation and abundance... Read More
Hulless Oats

Hulless Oats GS129

(Avena sativa) In 1755, Samuel Johnson called oats: “grain... Read More

Millet, German Foxtail

Millet, German Foxtail GS107

(Setaria italica) Sow in spring or early summer. Used as a cover crop,... Read More
Quinoa - Cherry Vanilla

Quinoa - Cherry Vanilla GS133

(Chenoppodium quinoa) 90-120 days. 3 to 5-foot tall plants are smothered... Read More
Quinoa, Brightest Brilliant

Quinoa, Brightest Brilliant GS112

Ornamental enough to deserve a place in the border, but a productive and... Read More
Shelly 25

Quinoa, Shelly 25 Black GS130

90-120 days Selected out of CO407, a prominent experimental quinoa variety... Read More
Rape, Dwarf Essex

Rape, Dwarf Essex GS102

(Brassica rapa) Robust member of the Brassica family. Puts large amounts... Read More

Rice Blue Bonnet GS125

A traditional rice grown by native Mayan people who call it "Blue Bonnet".... Read More
Rice Carolina Gold

Rice Carolina Gold GS126

Considered the "grandfather" of long-grain rice culture in North America,... Read More
Sesame, Light Seeded

Sesame, Light Seeded GS106

(Sesamum indicum) Light-seeded. Cultivated in the Near East for at least... Read More
Shallu/Egyptian Wheat

Shallu/Egyptian Wheat GS103

Really a sorghum; grown in this country mainly for attracting wildlife,... Read More
Variegated Cat Grass

Variegated Cat Grass GS100

Barley (Hordeum Vulgare). Cats love a number of different grasses when... Read More

White Sonora Wheat GS135

(Triticum aestivum) Here’s another very old wheat, dating to the time before... Read More
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