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All are to be grown in reasonably moist, fertile soil. Cress, Corn Salad, and Arugula should be sown in place in late winter through mid-spring and harvested before hot weather, or in early fall for a late fall harvest. Mustard greens may be grown in the same way, but often give a harvest well into the summer heat. Collards may be started indoors and set out as transplants 2-4 weeks before last frost date in spring for a summer harvest. Or direct seed in the garden anytime until mid-summer for a fall harvest. A miscellany of crops is offered here. Each is unique; some are warm-growers, others revel in very cool weather. What they all have in common is their diversity of flavors and textures—too good to miss!

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Arugula OG106

(Eruca sativa) Delicious salad green has a spicy flavor; a rage in salads.... Read More
Arugula Pronto

Arugula Pronto OG121

(Eruca sativa) Very serrated foliage, medium-green, which has quite a spicy... Read More
Aurora Mixed Orach

Aurora Mixed Orach OG124

A mix of radiant colors, all the more beautiful because the plants reach... Read More
Black Mustard Greens

Black Mustard Greens OG118

This black variety produces small dark seeds that are used as a spice;... Read More
Colish Greens

Colish Greens OG127

(Brassica oleracea) A leafy green from the highlands of Guatemala that... Read More
Corn Salad Dutch

Corn Salad Dutch OG104

This old-time favorite has a mild, nutty flavor. Tender leaves are excellent... Read More
Corn Salad or Mache - Verte a Coeur Plein 2

Corn Salad or Mache - Verte a Coeur Plein 2 OG116

In 1885 France's Vilmorin said, "A very distinct variety, with short, roundish,... Read More
Corn Salad or Mache-Verte D'Etampes

Corn Salad or Mache-Verte D'Etampes OG115

This variety was popular in 1880’s France. It produces flavorful, deep... Read More
French Dandelion

French Dandelion HB215

(Taraxacum officinale) Perennial—This is a cultivated strain from a Dutch... Read More
Golden Purslane

Golden Purslane HB222

Annual, 35 days. The same upright habit and large, tender, succulent leaves... Read More
Green Amsoi Miike Giant Mustard

Green Amsoi Miike Giant Mustard OG126

50 days--(Brassica juncea) Curled and very frilly medium green leaves stay... Read More
Green Wave Mustard

Green Wave Mustard OG125

50 days. (Brassica juncea) Curled and very frilly medium green leaves stay... Read More
No Photo JPG

Mache Coquille de Louviers OG123

Spoon-shaped leaves, very early and frost-tolerant variety. Mache is ideal... Read More
Miner's Lettuce

Miner's Lettuce OG119

(Claytonia perfoliata) This West Coast native appears abundantly there... Read More
Mustard Greens Southern Giant Curled

Mustard Greens Southern Giant Curled OG110

(B. juncea) Large, upright plants with crumpled leaves that have a delicious... Read More
Oros Chinese Kale

Oros-Chinese Kale OR143

Compact, upright plants are quick growing and taste delicious. The flavor... Read More
Pepper Cress

Pepper Cress OG113

(Lepidium sativum) Spicy, peppery taste, similar to water cress in flavor;... Read More

Purslane - Green HB151

(Portulaca oleracea) Low, crawling plant produces tender stems and juicy... Read More
Red Orach

Red Orach OG103

4'-10' tall and bright red. Beautiful and tasty addition to salads. Related... Read More
Salad Burnet

Salad Burnet OG105

(Poterium sanquisorba) Tasty in salads, great cucumber like flavor. Read More
Water Cress - Aqua Large Leaf

Water Cress - Aqua Large Leaf OG122

(Nasturtium officinale) Large rounded leaves are succulent and pungent.... Read More
Wild Rocket Arugula

Wild Rocket Arugula OG107

(Diplotaxis tenuifolia) Has a more pungent taste than regular arugula,... Read More
Wrinkled Crinkled Cress

Wrinkled Crinkled Cress OG111

(Lepidium sativum) A very crinkled and ruffled garden cress; attractive... Read More
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