Live Plants

Live Plants

We are super excited to be offering a selection of live plants, these are produced for us by tissue culture, a natural process that produces plants that are generally high-quality and disease free. We have some stunning new food crops in our plant listing, we hope you will try some of the exciting rare plants we offer this year. Pre-order now, as supplies on some these will be limited. The plants we ship are small, but sturdy, and we offer a 30 day guarantee on live plants. Most plants will be 6”-12” in height. Plants will ship as available after the first of April to the end of June. We will ship orders to southern zones first. No guaranteed delivery dates. No orders shipped outside of the USA. No Extra shipping costs, just pay our regular $3.50.

COOK IT! Live Plant Recipes HERE 

Aronia Viking

Aronia, Viking (2 Plants, Ships April-June) PL101

Aronia melancarpa) ZONES 3-8 Viking is a beautiful small shrub... Read More
Dwarf Banana Collection

Banana, Dwarf Collection (3 Plants, Ships April-June) PL127

Dwarf types with fruits ranging from dessert types to plantain (cooking)... Read More
Truly Tiny Banana

Banana, Truly Tiny (2 Plants, Ships April-June) PL119

(Musa) We believe this to be the smallest edible banana variety... Read More
Goji Berry (PRE-ORDER)

Berry, Goji (2 Plants, Ships April-June) PL104

(Lycium barbarum) Chinese native also known as Wolfberry. The... Read More
Blackberry - Sweetie Pie Thornless

Blackberry - Sweetie Pie Thornless (3 Plants, Ships April-June) PL182

"Sweetie Pie” is sweeter than any other thorn-less blackberry – 10-12%... Read More
Thornless Blackberry Assortment (PRE ORDER)

Blackberry, Thornless Assortment (3 Plants, Ships April-June) PL147

Grow your own tasty blackberries at home without the pain of thorns! This... Read More
Northern Blueberry Assortment (PRE ORDER)

Blueberry, Northern Assortment (3 Plants, Ships April-May) PL148

Productive and delicious blueberries for the northern gardener. We have... Read More
Pink Lemonade

Blueberry, Pink Lemonade (2 Plants, Ships April-June) PL160

We love this blueberry for its beautiful, bright pink berries and flowers!... Read More
Southern Blueberry Assortment (PRE-ORDER)

Blueberry, Southern Assortment (2 Plants, Ships April-June) PL146

Productive and delicious blueberries for the southern gardener. We have... Read More
Edgars Baby

Dragon fruit, Edgar's Baby (2 Plants, Ships April-June) PL120

(Hylocereus hybrid) Flavor of the magenta fleshed fruits is very... Read More

Dragon Fruit, Rare Collection (3 Plants, Ships April-June) PL123

Grow outdoors in a sub-tropical climate or grow as an amazing greenhouse... Read More

Elephant Ear or Taro Collection

Elephant Ear or Taro, Rare Collection (3 Plants, Ships April-June) PL124

Colocasia) One of the original "Canoe" plants of the ancient Hawaiians,... Read More
Rare Fig Assortment

Fig, Rare Assortment (3 Plants, Ships April-June) PL121

An assortment of some of the world’s most amazing and delicious fig varieties,... Read More
White Fig

Fig, White Marseilles (2 Plants, Ships April-June) PL131

This is a spectacular old variety from Southern France, brought to the... Read More
Edible Ginger Root

Ginger, Edible Root (2 Plants, Ships April-June) PL110

(Zingiber officinale) Ginger root is the rhizome or underground... Read More

Grape, Muscadine Collection (3 Plants, Ships April-May) PL149

A fantastic collection for the southern grower, muscadine grapes are native... Read More
Guava Assortment (PRE-ORDER)

Guava, Rare Assortment (2 Plants, Ships April-June) PL145

Guava Assortment-- Grow your own delicious guavas at home! Although guavas... Read More
Hardy Kiwi Collection (PRE-ORDER)

Kiwi, Hardy Collection (3 Plants, Ships April-June) PL128

(Actinidia arguta) 'Ananasnaja', or 'Anna' for short, is one of... Read More
Gynura Longevity Spinach

Longevity Spinach (2 Plants, Ships April-June) PL103

(Gynura procumbens) Related to Okinawan Spinach, but lower-growing... Read More
Mulberry, Dwarf Everbearing (2 Plants, Ships April-June)

Mulberry, Dwarf Everbearing (2 Plants, Ships April-June) PL105

(Morus nigra) Morus nigra is a medium size black mulberry with... Read More
Possum Purple Passion Fruit (PRE-ORDER)

Passion Fruit, Possum Purple (2 Plants, Ships April-June) PL107

(Passiflora edulis) Self-fertile passion fruit that can be grown... Read More
Pineapple Assortment (PRE-ORDER

Pineapple, Assortment (2 Plants, Ships April-June) PL150

These exotic tropical plants can also be grown easily in pots anywhere... Read More
Fall Gold

Raspberry, Fall Gold (3 Plants, Ships April-June) PL130

This is one fruit that has won the hearts of all the Baker Creek staff.... Read More
Glencoe Raspberry

Raspberry, Glencoe Thornless (2 Plants, Ships April-June) PL161

An excellent choice for home gardeners, this is a compact, less aggressive... Read More
ONS Strawberry

Strawberry, Old North Sea (3 Plants, Ships April-June) PL133

This is a cold hardy old variety from Denmark; it was found growing in... Read More
Scarlet Strawberry

Strawberry, Scarlet (3 Plants, Ships April-June) PL132

This ancient of strawberry was popular in colonial America as well as... Read More
Jersey Yellow Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato, Jersey Yellow (3 Plants, Ships April June) PL116

Plump, drier-fleshed type is medium creamy-golden skinned with cream-colored... Read More

Molokai Purple Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato, Molokai Purple (3 Plants, Ships April-June) PL115

Purple-fleshed type that is a locally-developed, signature type on... Read More

Okinawan Purple Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato, Okinawan Purple (3 Plants, Ships April-June) PL117

 (Ipomoea batatas) Descended from the first sweet potatoes... Read More

Omani Pink Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato, Omani Pink (3 Plants, Ships April-June) PL118

(Ipomoea batatas) A lovely pink skinned sweet potato from... Read More

Sweet Potato, Pumpkin Yam (3 Plants, Ships April-June)

Sweet Potato, Pumpkin Yam (3 Plants, Ships April-June) PL137

A delicious old-fashioned sweet pototao that has golden-red skin... Read More

Rare Sweet Potato Collection (PRE-ORDER)

Sweet Potato, Rare Collection (4 Plants, Ships April-June) PL134

We love collecting rare sweet potatoes, but some we have in just... Read More


Yacon (2 Plants, Ships April-May) PL113

(Smallanthus sonchifolius) Here’s a delicious and unusual South... Read More
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