(Cucumis melo) We have heirloom melons that can mature in almost any climate. Try some of these sweet & juicy varieties this year and enjoy a taste trip into your past... enjoy the flavor!

Afghan Honeydew Melon

Afghan Honeydew Melon OML120

This delicious melon is grown in the high mountain valleys north of Kabul,... Read More
Amarillo Oro Melon

Amarillo Oro Melon ML101

(Cucumis melo) 100 days. Beautiful, golden-yellow oblong fruit grow to... Read More
Ananas D'Amerique A Chair Verte Melon

Ananas D'Amerique A Chair Verte Melon AML110

This historic heirloom was grown by Thomas Jefferson in 1794. It was offered... Read More
Ananas Melon

Ananas Melon AML102

Sweet and juicy white flesh. A rare white muskmelon, fruit are around 5... Read More
web apple melon

Apple Melon OML135

85 days. Adorable little tear-drop shaped melons just fit your hand. The... Read More
Ashkahabad Melon

Ashkahabad Melon OML131

80 days. A honeydew type that holds well after picking. The smooth skin... Read More
Banana Melon

Banana Melon AML113

90 days. Banana-shaped fruit with smooth yellow skin and sweet, spicy salmon... Read More
Barese Melon 1

Barese Melon ML128

Botanically a melon, like the Armenian cucumber, but with a completely... Read More
 Bateekh Samarra Melon

Bateekh Samara Melon OML142

95 days. Oblong fruits are brownish-green and netted outside, lime green... Read More
Bidwell Casaba Melon

Bidwell Casaba Melon AML147

95 days. This melon was grown by General John Bidwell, who received his... Read More
Boule d'Or Melon

Boule d'Or Melon ML106

(Golden Perfection) Very sweet, pale green flesh is just marvelous. Yellow... Read More
Burrell's Jumbo Melon

Burrell's Jumbo Melon AML127

80 days. Very delicious old variety from the D.V. Burrell Seed Co. An improved... Read More
Casaba-Golden Beauty Melon

Casaba-Golden Beauty Melon OML113

110 days. A quality Casaba type. In 1927 Burrell's said it was the finest... Read More
Cavaillon Espagnol Melon

Cavaillon Espagnol Melon ML122

Large, oblong, green fruits are filled with delicious green flesh. A very... Read More
Charentais Melon

Charentais Melon ML114

85 days. A famous, superb heirloom. A French 2-3 lb. melon with light grey-green... Read More
Coban Orange Flesh Melon

Collective Farm Woman Melon OML110

80-85 days. This heirloom from the Ukraine was collected in 1993 by Seed... Read More
Crane Melon

Crane Melon AML130

85 days. The famous California heirloom was introduced in 1920 by Oliver... Read More
Crenshaw Blanco Melon

Crenshaw Blanco Melon AML128

An improved Crenshaw variety. Oval fruit are about 5 lbs. each and have... Read More
Crenshaw Melon

Crenshaw Melon AML107

105 days. Large melons with wonderful sweet flavor! A family favorite,... Read More
D'Alger Melon

D'Alger Melon ML103

Another colorful ancient French Cantaloupe (possibly from Africa); it is... Read More
Delice De La Table Melon

Delice De La Table Melon ML118

A pre-1885, French heirloom that was listed in the French book "The Vegetable... Read More
Delicious 51 Melon

Delicious 51 Melon AML108

4-5 lbs., round-oval muskmelon with salmon-orange sweet flesh. A popular... Read More
Early Frame Prescott Melon

Early Frame Prescott Melon ML110

The Prescott melon that was grown in "Cold Frames" in the Europe of yesterday,... Read More
Early Hanover Melon

Early Hanover Melon AML132

75 days. Lusicous, small 2-3 lb., green fleshed melons are bursting with... Read More
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