(Cucumis melo) We have heirloom melons that can mature in almost any climate. Try some of these sweet & juicy varieties this year and enjoy a taste trip into your past... enjoy the flavor!

Early Silver Line Melon

Early Silver Line Melon OML116

75 days. Beautiful, oval-shaped, yellow fruit weighing 1-2 lbs. with lovely... Read More
Eden's Gem (Rocky Ford) Melon

Eden's Gem (Rocky Ford) Melon AML109

90 days. An old heirloom variety from 1881. This old-timer is still a popular... Read More
edisto melon

Edisto 47 Melon AML106

90 days. Deep salmon flesh, fine flavor and hard rind; 4.5 lbs. Excellent... Read More
Emerald Gem Melon

Emerald Gem Melon AML120

85 days. An heirloom introduced by Burpee's in 1886 and was very popular... Read More
Escondido Gold Melon

Escondido Gold Melon AML158

Huge fruit have grown up to 18 lbs, oblong with bright yellow rind. Flesh... Read More
Ginger's Pride

Ginger's Pride Melon AML141

95 days. The largest melon we carry. Huge, oblong fruit averages 14-22... Read More
Golden Crispy Melon

Golden Crispy Melon OML133

Commercial variety that was discontinued in the early 1980's. Small, oblong... Read More
Golden Honeymoon Melon

Golden Honeymoon Melon AML119

92 days A honeydew melon with a brilliant, gold rind and delicious green... Read More
Golden Jenny Melon

Golden Jenny Melon AML133

An outstanding golden meated version of Jenny Lind", developed by long... Read More
Golden Sweet Melon

Golden Sweet Melon OML101

This early melon has gorgeous, lemon-colored rinds and small sized. The... Read More
Green Machine Melon

Green Machine Melon AML134

85 days. Vigorous, compact vines produce green-fleshed 2-lb. melons at... Read More
Green Nutmeg Melon

Green Nutmeg Melon AML114

83 days. Fearing Burr said in 1863, "The Nutmeg Melon has long been in... Read More
Hale's Best 45 Melon

Hale's Best 45 Melon AML101

85 days. A popular heirloom developed around 1920 by a Japanese market... Read More

Ha'ogen Melon OML150

75-80 days (Also known as Israel Melon) An excellent-tasting, early melon.... Read More
Healy's Pride Melon

Healy's Pride Melon AML153

A big, pretty, oblong melon with musky-sweet orange flesh. Heavily netted... Read More
Hearts of Gold Melon (Hoodoo)

Hearts of Gold Melon (Hoodoo) AML115

85 days. An orange fleshed muskmelon dating back to around 1890. Quality... Read More
Hero of Lockinge Melon

Hero of Lockinge Melon ML120

Small, round, one-pound melons have delectable, creamy-white flesh that... Read More
Honey Rock Melon

Honey Rock Melon AML105

80 days. An early heirloom melon, 3-4 lbs. with thick sweet firm deep-salmon... Read More
Honeydew Orangeflesh Melon

Honeydew Orangeflesh Melon AML104

98 days. Light green smooth skin and orange flesh. An orange-fleshed version... Read More
Honeydew Tam Dew Melon

Honeydew Tam Dew Melon AML103

100 days. Beautiful, ivory green fruit, deep green - very sweet flesh with... Read More
Indian Cream Cobra Melon

Indian Cream Cobra Melon OML134

Here's a really unusual variety from Australia, with a distinctive flavor... Read More
Ineya Melon

Ineya Melon OML125

80 days. A variety from the former Soviet Union that we are very pleased... Read More
Jenny Lind Melon

Jenny Lind Melon AML117

80 days. This fine melon dates back to the 1840's and was sold by many... Read More
Durst Farm Esparto Paul Michael Rainbow Squash DSC06978.jpg

Kajari Melon JS235

This is one of the melons that just about drove Joe crazy trying to secure.... Read More
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