(Cucumis melo) We have heirloom melons that can mature in almost any climate. Try some of these sweet & juicy varieties this year and enjoy a taste trip into your past... enjoy the flavor!

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Afghan Honeydew Melon

Afghan Honeydew Melon OML120

This delicious melon is grown in the high mountain valleys north of Kabul,... Read More
Amarillo Oro Melon

Amarillo Oro Melon ML101

(Cucumis melo) 100 days. Beautiful, golden-yellow oblong fruit grow to... Read More
Amish Melon

Amish Melon AML164

A flavorful old Amish heirloom that was collected by the members of Seed... Read More
Ananas D'Amerique A Chair Verte Melon

Ananas D'Amerique A Chair Verte Melon AML110

This historic heirloom was grown by Thomas Jefferson in 1794. It was offered... Read More
Ananas Melon

Ananas Melon AML102

Sweet and juicy white flesh. A rare white muskmelon, fruit are around 5... Read More
web apple melon

Apple Melon OML135

85 days. Adorable little tear-drop shaped melons just fit your hand. The... Read More
Armenian Cucumber

Armenian Cucumber CU169

(Cucumis melo) Light-green, mild-tasting, deeply ribbed fruits. The elongated... Read More
Ashkahabad Melon

Ashkahabad Melon OML131

80 days. A honeydew type that holds well after picking. The smooth skin... Read More
Banana Melon

Banana Melon AML113

90 days. Banana-shaped fruit with smooth yellow skin and sweet, spicy salmon... Read More
Barese Melon 1

Barese Melon ML128

Botanically a melon, like the Armenian cucumber, but with a completely... Read More
 Bateekh Samarra Melon

Bateekh Samara Melon OML142

95 days. Oblong fruits are brownish-green and netted outside, lime green... Read More
Bidwell Casaba Melon

Bidwell Casaba Melon AML147

95 days. This melon was grown by General John Bidwell, who received his... Read More
Boule d'Or Melon

Boule d'Or Melon ML106

(Golden Perfection) Very sweet, pale green flesh is just marvelous. Yellow... Read More
Canoe Creek Colossal

Canoe Creek Colossal AML152

Big, beautiful melons can reach 20 lbs, making this one of the largest... Read More
Casaba-Golden Beauty Melon

Casaba-Golden Beauty Melon OML113

110 days. A quality Casaba type. In 1927 Burrell's said it was the finest... Read More
Cavaillon Espagnol Melon

Cavaillon Espagnol Melon ML122

Large, oblong, green fruits are filled with delicious green flesh. A very... Read More
Charentais Melon

Charentais Melon ML114

85 days. A famous, superb heirloom. A French 2-3 lb. melon with light grey-green... Read More
Coban Orange Flesh Melon

Collective Farm Woman Melon OML110

80-85 days. This heirloom from the Ukraine was collected in 1993 by Seed... Read More
Crane Melon

Crane Melon AML130

85 days. The famous California heirloom was introduced in 1920 by Oliver... Read More
Crenshaw Blanco Melon

Crenshaw Blanco Melon AML128

An improved Crenshaw variety. Oval fruit are about 5 lbs. each and have... Read More
Crenshaw Melon

Crenshaw Melon AML107

105 days. Large melons with wonderful sweet flavor! A family favorite,... Read More
D'Alger Melon

D'Alger Melon ML103

Another colorful ancient French Cantaloupe (possibly from Africa); it is... Read More
Delice De La Table Melon

Delice De La Table Melon ML118

A pre-1885, French heirloom that was listed in the French book "The Vegetable... Read More
Delicious 51 Melon

Delicious 51 Melon AML108

4-5 lbs., round-oval muskmelon with salmon-orange sweet flesh. A popular... Read More
Early Frame Prescott Melon

Early Frame Prescott Melon ML110

The Prescott melon that was grown in "Cold Frames" in the Europe of yesterday,... Read More
Early Hanover Melon

Early Hanover Melon AML132

75 days. Lusicous, small 2-3 lb., green fleshed melons are bursting with... Read More
Early Silver Line Melon

Early Silver Line Melon OML116

75 days. Beautiful, oval-shaped, yellow fruit weighing 1-2 lbs. with lovely... Read More
Eden's Gem (Rocky Ford) Melon

Eden's Gem (Rocky Ford) Melon AML109

90 days. An old heirloom variety from 1881. This old-timer is still a popular... Read More
edisto melon

Edisto 47 Melon AML106

90 days. Deep salmon flesh, fine flavor and hard rind; 4.5 lbs. Excellent... Read More
Emerald Gem Melon

Emerald Gem Melon AML120

85 days. An heirloom introduced by Burpee's in 1886 and was very popular... Read More
Escondido Gold Melon

Escondido Gold Melon AML158

Huge fruit have grown up to 18 lbs, oblong with bright yellow rind. Flesh... Read More
Ginger's Pride Melon

Ginger's Pride Melon AML141

95 days. The largest melon we carry. Huge, oblong fruit averages 14-22... Read More
Golden Crispy Melon

Golden Crispy Melon OML133

Commercial variety that was discontinued in the early 1980's. Small, oblong... Read More
Golden Honeymoon Melon

Golden Honeymoon Melon AML119

92 days A honeydew melon with a brilliant, gold rind and delicious green... Read More
Golden Jenny Melon

Golden Jenny Melon AML133

An outstanding golden meated version of Jenny Lind", developed by long... Read More
Golden Sweet Melon

Golden Sweet Melon OML101

This early melon has gorgeous, lemon-colored rinds and small sized. The... Read More
Green Machine Melon

Green Machine Melon AML134

85 days. Vigorous, compact vines produce green-fleshed 2-lb. melons at... Read More
Green Nutmeg Melon

Green Nutmeg Melon AML114

83 days. Fearing Burr said in 1863, "The Nutmeg Melon has long been in... Read More
Hale's Best 45 Melon

Hale's Best 45 Melon AML101

85 days. A popular heirloom developed around 1920 by a Japanese market... Read More

Ha'ogen Melon OML150

75-80 days (Also known as Israel Melon) An excellent-tasting, early melon.... Read More
Healy's Pride Melon

Healy's Pride Melon AML153

A big, pretty, oblong melon with musky-sweet orange flesh. Heavily netted... Read More
Hearts of Gold Melon (Hoodoo)

Hearts of Gold Melon (Hoodoo) AML115

85 days. An orange fleshed muskmelon dating back to around 1890. Quality... Read More
Hero of Lockinge Melon

Hero of Lockinge Melon ML120

Small, round, one-pound melons have delectable, creamy-white flesh that... Read More
Honey Rock Melon

Honey Rock Melon AML105

80 days. An early heirloom melon, 3-4 lbs. with thick sweet firm deep-salmon... Read More
Honeydew Orangeflesh Melon

Honeydew Orangeflesh Melon AML104

98 days. Light green smooth skin and orange flesh. An orange-fleshed version... Read More
Honeydew Tam Dew Melon

Honeydew Tam Dew Melon AML103

100 days. Beautiful, ivory green fruit, deep green - very sweet flesh with... Read More
Huerfano Bliss Melon

Huerfano Bliss Melon AML168

90 days. An orange-fleshed honeydew with exceptional flavor. Slightly oval... Read More
Indian Cream Cobra Melon

Indian Cream Cobra Melon OML134

Here's a really unusual variety from Australia, with a distinctive flavor... Read More
Ineya Melon

Ineya Melon OML125

80 days. A variety from the former Soviet Union that we are very pleased... Read More
Jenny Lind Melon

Jenny Lind Melon AML117

80 days. This fine melon dates back to the 1840's and was sold by many... Read More
Kajari Melon

Kajari Melon JS235

This is one of the melons that just about drove Joe crazy trying to secure.... Read More
Kazakh Melon

Kazakh Melon OML103

At last, we once again have a supply of this hard-to-find mini-melon that... Read More
Keli Kheli Melon

Keli Kheli Melon JS256

India is much smaller than the U.S., however it has three times the population... Read More

Kirkman Melon, Cucumis melo KYRGYZSTAN JSML101

Not far from the famous Southern Kyrgyzstani town of Osh I discovered this... Read More
Madhu Ras, Rajasthan Honey Melon

Madhu Ras, Rajasthan Honey Melon JS257

Rajasthan in Western India is a dry hot place full of mystery and also... Read More
Mango Melon (Vine Peach)

Mango Melon (Vine Peach) OML115

The 3 fruit are the size of a peach, with a yellow rind and bland white... Read More
Melba Melon

Melba Melon ML131

Elongated cream-colored fruits weigh about a pound, sometimes a bit more.... Read More
Metki Dark Green Serp

Metki Dark Green Serpent Melon (Armenian) OML104

65 days. An ancient heirloom introduced from Armenia into Italy as far... Read More
Metki Painted Serpent Melon

Metki Painted Serpent Melon OML105

Very long fruit with dark green and pale green stripes and excellent flavor;... Read More
Metki White Serpent Melon

Metki White Serpent Melon OML106

The light green Armenian cucumber that is botanically a melon; sweeter... Read More
Minnesota Midget Melon

Minnesota Midget Melon AML140

This very small, very early heirloom was introduced in Minnesota in 1948.... Read More
Missouri Gold Melon

Missouri Gold Melon AML150

85 days. A very old heirloom from Southern Missouri, which has been in... Read More
Model Melon

Model Melon ML132

75 days. Globular fruits are lightly netted. The green flesh is thick,... Read More
Mother Mary's Pie Melon

Mother Mary's Pie Melon AML162

A favorite in our Vegan Restaurant. Here's a really different little melon!... Read More
New Melon

New Melon OML139

Small, round to slightly tear-drop shaped melons with smooth skin of pale... Read More
Noir de Carmes MelonNoir de Carmes Melon

Noir de Carmes Melon ML109

80 days. A beautiful and rare heirloom from France, and the famous "Black... Read More
Oka Melon ( Bizard Island Strain )

Oka Melon ( Bizard Island Strain ) AML154

This was a popular melon in Canada's Montreal region in the 1920's and... Read More
Old Greek Melon

Old Greek Melon ML124

90 days. This unusual melon came to the US with Greek immigrants in the... Read More
Old Time Tennessee Melon

Old Time Tennessee Melon AML142

An old favorite of mine. Produces huge, oblong melons that weigh 12-14... Read More
Pear Melon

Pear Melon AML145

90 days. Football shaped fruit have wonderfully fragrant, sweet orange... Read More
Petit Gris de Rennes Melon

Petit Gris de Rennes Melon ML104

85 days. Dense 2 lb. fruit have orange flesh that is superbly sweet, flavorful... Read More
Piel de Sapo Melon

Piel de Sapo Melon ML113

110 days. Oval, 8-inch long fruit with skin mottled green and yellow, somewhat... Read More
Planter's Jumbo Melon

Planter's Jumbo Melon AML126

85 days. Thick, sweet, orange flesh, fruit are over 4 lbs. A good variety... Read More
Plum Granny (Queen Anne) Melon

Plum Granny (Queen Anne) Melon OML114

75 days. Beautiful ornamental fruit are yellow with deep orange stripes... Read More
Prescott Fond Blanc Melon

Prescott Fond Blanc Melon ML102

70 days. The most unique and beautiful French melon we sell! The fruit... Read More
Pride of Wisconsin Melon

Pride of Wisconsin Melon AML135

An old fashioned Wisconsin heirloom that was grown for the Milwaukee markets... Read More
Punjab Sunheri - C. Melo

Punjab Sunheri - C. Melo JS298

The Punjab Sunheri melon is a fine netted melon that has been bred and... Read More

Raj S.P. Melon, (Cucumis melo) JS282

Raj S.P. Melon, (Cucumis melo) This variety from North Central India is... Read More
Rampicante Zuccherino

Rampicante Zuccherino Melon ML126

80 days. The name means "climbing sugar melon." Traditionally grown on... Read More

Raseela Special - Cucumis Melo JS287

This is another variety of the Madhu Ras type sweet melons that are so... Read More
Rich Sweetness 132 Melon

Rich Sweetness 132 Melon OML126

Incredible little melons from the former Soviet Union. The fruit are a... Read More
Rugoso di Cosenza Melon

Rugoso di Cosenza Melon ML108

A beautiful "Amarillo Oro" type melon from Italy. It is a good late season... Read More
Sakata's Sweet Melon

Sakata's Sweet Melon OML102

85 days. A favorite Asian variety of Dr. Amy Goldman, author of Melons... Read More
Schoon's Hardshell Melon

Schoon's Hardshell Melon AML129

Very large fruit have a hard, heavy and deeply ribbed rind; a very good... Read More
Sierra Gold Melon

Sierra Gold Melon AML116

85 days. Well netted, 3-lb. fruit with thick, salmon colored flesh; sweet... Read More
Snap Melon

Snap Melon ML130

(Cucumis melo var momordica) The sub-species name 'momordica 'refers to... Read More
Swan Lake Melon

Swan Lake Melon OML124

A small and beautiful honeydew type. This variety has superb, sweet melting... Read More
Sweet Passion Melon

Sweet Passion Melon AML149

An Ohio heirloom that has been grown since the 1920s. According to legend,... Read More
Tamboura Melon

Tamboura Melon WW172

Our original seed came from the farmer’s market in Limassol, Cyprus where... Read More

Tarpeta Uzbekistan Melon JSML102

Central Asia is a mysterious region, the place in antiquity where east... Read More
Tendral Verde Tardif Melon

Tendral Verde Tardif Melon ML117

Oblong melons with a dark green rind and sweet white flesh. A popular winter... Read More
Thai Golden Round Melon

Thai Golden Round Melon OML121

The plants are extremely productive, and did well here in our climate.... Read More
Thai Pai Sai Muskmelon

Thai Pai Sai Muskmelon OML122

A beautiful and unusual melon collected in Thailand. The elongated fruit... Read More
Tigger Melon

Tigger Melon OML107

90 days.The most amazing looking melon we have grown. The fruit are vibrant... Read More
Tip Top Melon

Tip Top Melon AML112

90 days. Introduced by A.W. Livingston Seed Co. in 1892. This variety was... Read More
Uzbek Sweetness Melon

Uzbek Sweetness Melon OML132

An early melon coming from Uzbekistan. The golden skin is nearly smooth,... Read More
Valencia Winter Melon

Valencia Winter Melon ML115

An old-time melon listed by American seedsmen in the 1830's but probably... Read More
Vert Grimpant Melon

Vert Grimpant Melon ML116

(Green Climbing) A very old, green-fleshed French melon that can easily... Read More
Yellow Canary Melon

Yellow Canary Melon ML105

100 days. An elongated-shaped melon, with a deep yellow rind. Flesh is... Read More
Zatta Melon

Zatta Melon ML125

80-85 days. Traditional variety of Italy, where it is called "Brutto ma... Read More
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