(Cucumis melo) We have heirloom melons that can mature in almost any climate. Try some of these sweet & juicy varieties this year and enjoy a taste trip into your past... enjoy the flavor!

Tip Top Melon

Tip Top Melon AML112

90 days. Introduced by A.W. Livingston Seed Co. in 1892. This variety was... Read More
Tortorello Verde Barese Melon

Tortorello Verde Barese Melon JS226

This wonderful "Cucumber Melon" from the Bari region of Southern... Read More

Uzbek Sweetness Melon

Uzbek Sweetness Melon OML132

An early melon coming from Uzbekistan. The golden skin is nearly smooth,... Read More
Valencia Winter Melon

Valencia Winter Melon ML115

An old-time melon listed by American seedsmen in the 1830's but probably... Read More
Vert Grimpant Melon

Vert Grimpant Melon ML116

(Green Climbing) A very old, green-fleshed French melon that can easily... Read More
Yellow Canary Melon

Yellow Canary Melon ML105

100 days. An elongated-shaped melon, with a deep yellow rind. Flesh is... Read More
Zatta Melon

Zatta Melon ML125

80-85 days. Traditional variety of Italy, where it is called "Brutto ma... Read More
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