New Items

New Items

At Baker Creek we have an infectious affinity for heirlooms; our team of writers, seed-savers, photographers, gardeners and growers have dedicated their work to celebrating these special seeds. For 2017 new picks, we have trekked to the farthest reaches of the earth for rare and exciting treasures as well as preserved local traditional heirlooms— we have selected varieties from ancient history and discovered new and exciting innovations from natural breeders. Whether you love growing heirlooms for their fascinating history, stunning beauty or culinary potential, Baker Creek's fabulous new varieties offered in 2017 are sure to please!

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1500 Year Old Cave Bean

1500 Year Old Cave Bean BN177

The amazing native bean reputedly found in a cave in New Mexico, in a clay... Read More
Abe Lincoln Original Tomato

Abe Lincoln Original Tomato TM260

The Original Abe Lincoln Tomato: This wonderful old heirloom was shared... Read More
African Daisy-Blue Disc

African Daisy-Blue Disc FL293

Annual Silvery white ray flowers offset the steel-blue “eyes” or centers.... Read More

Ageratum Leda FL887

Miniature daisies in clusters, with petals so fine they look like glistening... Read More
Ageratum Mix

Ageratum Mix FL885

Old-fashioned favorite in gentle pastel tones of lavender, blue and white.... Read More
Aji Charapita - Hot Pepper

Aji Charapita - Hot Pepper HPP221

A tiny treasure from the Peruvian Amazon, the Aji Charapita only... Read More

Aji Chombo, Hot Pepper

Aji Chombo, Hot Pepper HPP206

Traditional Panamanian relative of Habanero. Fruits are elongated, with... Read More
Ajvarski, Sweet Pepper

Ajvarski, Sweet Pepper PP185

80 days--Here's a really outstanding roasting pepper from eastern Macedonia.... Read More

Akamuro Rice GS148

110 days “Aka” means red in Japanese; both the plants and the hulls have... Read More
Amerikanscher Brauner Lettuce

Amerikanscher Brauner Lettuce WW147

This scarce Pennsylvania Dutch variety with crimped and deeply ruffled... Read More
Amish Melon

Amish Melon AML164

A flavorful old Amish heirloom that was collected by the members of Seed... Read More
Ammi Bishop's Flower

Ammi, Bishop's Flower FL886

Annual. Sometimes called False Queen Anne’s Lace, but the dainty flower... Read More
Apricot Twist Calendula

Apricot Twist, Calendula FL147

This unusual calendula variety turned heads in the 2016 Baker Creek display... Read More
Argentine White Valencia Peanut

Argentine White Valencia Peanut PE106

We discovered this variety among the collection of well known seed... Read More

Balloon Lettuce

Balloon Lettuce WW145

A delicate romaine type summer lettuce dating from the 1800s,... Read More
Aromato Basil

Basil - Aromato HB253

Lovely accent plant for the herb garden, with its columnar habit and large... Read More
Eritrean Basil

Basil - Eritrean HB231

Native to the small country of Eritrea on the horn of Africa, this strong... Read More
Mammolo Basil

Basil - Mammolo HB252

A superb container variety, Mammolo has been bred for exceptionally high... Read More
Bee Balm Red Colors

Bee Balm - Red Colors HB261

Beloved by ancient Native Americans as a medicinal plant, we love bee balm... Read More
Bianca Di Giugno Onion

Bianca Di Guigno Onion ON123

This little cipollini type onion is... Read More

Big Red Ripper Cowpea

Big Red Ripper Cowpea WW167

Also known as Mandy and Tory, this large seeded cowpea... Read More
Bingo Watermelon

Bingo Watermelon WM212

This tasty Polish heirloom stood out in our 2016 watermelon taste tests... Read More
Borlotto Di Vigevano Nano Bean

Borlotto Di Vigevano Nano Bean BN191

These beautiful bush beans are a sensation at the farmers market and with... Read More
Bozeman Watermelon

Bozeman Watermelon WM205

Hurray for this delicious short season watermelon developed in Montana.... Read More
Brad's Atomic Grape

Brad's Atomic Grape Tomato TX133

Elongated cherries in clusters. The color (and flavor!) is a full-blown... Read More
Bronze Orange Corn

Bronze Orange Corn CN155

(Dent) 77 days—Dwarf stalks are only 3 ½ feet high. Despite its small stature,... Read More
Burro Mountain Corn

Burro Mountain Popcorn CN173

This beautiful and ancient white popcorn produces two to three, 4-6 inches... Read More
Calico Crowder Cowpea

Calico Crowder Cowpea WW165

An attractive Old South (pre-1850s) cowpea with a distinctive red... Read More

California Poppy - Rainbow Mix

California Poppy - Rainbow Mix WF145

The ultimate California Poppy mix! Every glorious shade on the spectrum... Read More
Carolina Reaper Hot Pepper

Carolina Reaper Hot Pepper HPP219

Believed to be the hottest pepper in the world, the Carolina reaper is... Read More
Chapalote Corn

Chapalote Corn CN168

This incredible flint/popcorn may be oldest corn variety grown in N. America!... Read More
Chiba Green Soy

Chiba Green Soybean SY113

This variety is even earlier than Midori Giant at about 60 to 65... Read More

Chirimen Hakusai Chinese Cabbage

Chirimen Hakusai - Chinese Cabbage OR105

Here is an old Japanese variety that is superbly adapted to cool weather.... Read More
Clay County Watermelon

Clay County Yellow Meat WM171

Extremely rare heirloom from Clay County, Alabama. Our original seed has... Read More

Cocona GR230

An easy to grow fruit from the Amazon Jungle! A distant relative of eggplant,... Read More
Coriander Dwarf Lemon

Coriander - Dwarf Lemon HB262

A subtle citrus flavor adds a welcome twist to this ancient herb. We love... Read More

Cosmo Velouette FL116

Annual that self sows in the garden. This stunning variety garners... Read More

Costoluto Floretino Tomato

Costoluto Florentino Tomato TM258

75-80 days. A super productive and early maturing Italian sauce and slice... Read More
Creole Original Tomato

Creole Original Tomato TM259

We received this variety from a donor from Georgia who reported that the... Read More
Crepis, Rubra Pink

Crepis, Rubra Pink FL878

Annual. Also known as pink Hawksbeard, this stunning European classic... Read More
Cse He Jao Rice

Cse He Jao Rice GS147

115 days. Glutinous sweet rice. Sticks together well--great for sushi!... Read More
Dahlberg Daisy

Dahlberg Daisy FL106

Also known as shooting star, indeed the small yellow flowers shine through... Read More
Deitrich's Wild Broccoli Rabe

Deitrich's Wild Broccoli Rabe WW210

ROUGHWOOD/EFN EXCLUSIVE. Directors of the Experimental Farm Network selected... Read More
Duborskian Rice

Duborskian Rice GS146

110 days Our trusted upland rice. One of the first varieties tried in New... Read More
Durgesh 41 Cauliflower

Durgesh 41 Cauliflower CA110

Here is a seriously vigorous cauliflower from India. Durgesh 41 is super... Read More
Eva Ball Tomato

Eva Purple Ball Tomato WW197

This... Read More

Fantazja Sunflower

Fantazja - Sunflower FL879

A beautiful European selection, Fantazja means “imagination” in Polish.... Read More
Fejee Improved Tomato

Fejee Improved Tomato WW179

This tomato came in to my grandfather ’s collection from his... Read More
Fertilizer Bean

Fertilizer or Velvet Bean BN183

Excellent soil-builder, which is its main use in Belize, where our seed... Read More
Fiaschetto di Manduria Tomato

Fiaschetto di Manduria Tomato WW205

'Fiaschetto'... Read More

Figitelli Sicilia, Sweet Pepper

Figitelli Sicilia, Sweet Pepper PP182

Crisp, thick-walled fruits are sweet and juicy. Almost a pepperoncini type,... Read More
Fort Portal Jade Bean

Fort Portal Jade Bean BN186

Amazing jewel-toned green beauties! Dried beans are a glassy blue-green... Read More
Futsu Kurokawa Squash

Futsu Kurokawa Squash SQ311

(C. moschata) A very ancient Japanese variety, while this dusty green moschata... Read More
Gagon Cucumber

Gagon Cucumber WW194


Galilee Spinach

Galilee Spinach SP109

35 days.Galilee is a heat tolerant variety to be planted in the summer... Read More
Galina Tomato

Galina Tomato WW204

This... Read More

Gete Okosomin Squash

Gete Okosomin Squash SQ317

(C. maxima) This is the squash that gained fame online and became known... Read More
Giant Bicolor Marigold

Giant Bicolor - Marigold FL873

Annual--Mahogany red to searing orange, delicately edged in gold. Blooms... Read More
Gniff Carrot

Gniff Carrot CR133

A very rare landrace from the Tessin region of Switzerland, these amethyst... Read More
Golden Butterwax Bean

Golden Butterwax Bean BN190

Bush. An old favorite that has been praised by gardeners for superior... Read More
Golden Garbanzo Bean

Golden Garbanzo JS314

The Golden Garbanzo is a garbanzo bean coming from Western India. In India... Read More
Goliath Broccoli

Goliath Broccoli BR120

This variety lives up to its name. It can grow to be massive in good conditions.... Read More
Grandiflora Mix - Salpiglossis

Grandiflora Mix-Salpiglossis FL874

Annual. Salpiglossis caught everyone’s eye in the 2016 flower trials. Nicknamed... Read More
Grandpa's White Wax Tomato

Grandpa's White Wax Tomato WW178

Found in my grandfathers frozen seed collection many years... Read More
Groninger Brussles Sprout

Groninger Brussels Sprout BS105

Groninger is an easy to grow, steady producing variety. These medium to... Read More
Guatemalan Black Lima Bean

Guatemalan Black Lima Bean LB111

Bush-habit plants are vigorous and productive. Yield tons of midnight-black... Read More
Habanada Sweet Pepper

Habanada - Sweet Pepper PP202

The world’s first truly heatless habanero! Bred by renown organic plant... Read More
Halep Karasi Eggplant

Halep Karasi Eggplant EG206

Lovely dark purple-black Turkish variety. Fruits are elongated teardrops,... Read More
Hayayuki Rice

Hayayuki Rice GS145

100 days Our standard rice. Fastest maturing and can work in zone 4B in... Read More
Himo Togarashi

Himo Togarashi PP200

A slightly spicy, almost bitter green pepper that is a traditional cultural... Read More
Hinona Kabu

Hinona Kabu Turnip TN108

Ancient Japanese salad turnip with a slightly spicy, radish flavor originated... Read More
Homs 11 Tomato

Homs 11 Tomato WW207


Hong Tae Pak Choy

Hong Tae Pak Choy OR149

Perfect for marketing, these tidy, compact plants are medium sized and... Read More
Hopi Pink Flour Corn

Hopi Pink Flour Corn CN132

A truly lovely native variety that has kernels in shades of pink, mauve... Read More
Hopi Purple Corn

Hopi Purple Corn CN167

This traditional variety from the Hopi nation, has been grown in the high... Read More
Hopi Turquoise Corn

Hopi Turquoise Corn CN172

Truly breathtaking blue corn said to originate from the Hopi people of... Read More
Huerfano Bliss Melon

Huerfano Bliss Melon AML168

90 days. An orange-fleshed honeydew with exceptional flavor. Slightly oval... Read More
Japanese Long Cucumber

Japanese Long Cucumber CU111

Long, slim fruit that are very crisp and mild. Easy to digest, firm flesh... Read More
Karam Saag (Haak) Kashmiri - Collards

Karam Saag (Haak) Kashmiri - Collards WW141

Kashmiri Collards are among the rarest Brassicas available outside India.... Read More
Katie's Mustard Lettuce

Katie's Mustard Lettuce WW154

This bright yellow-green crinkly mustard was brought to Australia... Read More
KC 146 Tomato

KC 146 Tomato WW208

This... Read More

Khiva Cucumber

Khiva Cucumber WW142

This rare cucumber resembling kiwi fruit or small netted melons, was first... Read More
Kikinda Competition Strain Edible Gourd

Kikinda Competition Strain Edible Gourd ED109

Grow mammoth 7’ long gourds and amaze your family. Super tasty fruit are... Read More
Kurzers Calico Traveller

Kurzer's Calico Traveler Lima Bean LB110

Plump limas in varying shades of burgundy, purple, tan and brown, intricately... Read More
Kyoto Red Carrot

Kyoto Red Carrot CR132

This is a Japanese kintoki type (sweet red) carrot. These silky red carrots... Read More
Lunix Lettuce

Lunix Lettuce LT114

Oak-leaf type produced lustrous, deep red leaves. Very slow to bolt; the... Read More
Magpie bean bird

Magpie Bean BN182

A gorgeous bush bean that can be enjoyed as a fresh eating snap bean or... Read More
Manganji Sweet Pepper

Manganji Sweet Pepper PP201

Sure to be a new sensation with chefs and foodies alike. Manganji is recognized... Read More
Mayan Okra

Mayan Okra OK143

A flavorful okra with good-sized pods that are produced on sturdy tall... Read More
Mehmet's Sweet Turkish Sweet Pepper

Mehmet's Sweet Turkish Sweet Pepper PP198

65-70 days. Introduced by Dr. Mehmet Oztan of two seeds in pod heirlooms,... Read More
Merry Go Round

Merry Go Round FL156

Annual. Also known as Chinese Pink or Indian Pink, these cheery little... Read More
Midori Giant Soybean

Midori Giant Soya bean SY112

Early maturing edamame type with very large two to three seeded pods. ... Read More

Mini Blue Popcorn

Mini Blue Popcorn CN164

Cute, shiny blue ears are decorative and delicious! Very uniform indigo... Read More
Mini Pink Popcorn

Mini Pink Popcorn CN165

Stunning ears of mauve to rose pink, pearly kernels. Ears run 3-5” in length.... Read More
Minsk Early Tomato

Minsk Early Tomato WW203


Mira Sweet Pepper

Mira Sweet Pepper PP194

Super-early Polish variety yield very large, very thick-walled fruits,... Read More
Mountain Sweet Yellow Watermelon

Mountain Sweet Yellow Watermelon WM213

A top choice for growers in the north, this is a yellow fleshed version... Read More
Napa Chardonnay Blush Tomato

Napa Chardonnay Blush Tomato TX132

65-70 days. Yellow mutation from Napa Rose Blush, Brad says this one has... Read More
Napa Rose Blush Tomato

Napa Rose Blush Tomato TX131

65-70 days. Sweet little cherries are richly colored in dark pink—very... Read More
Navajo Red Watermelon

Navajo Red Watermelon WM201

A supremely drought tolerant variety grown by the Navajo Nation. This medium... Read More
New Hampshire Tomato

New Hampshire Victor Tomato WW206


New Zealand Blue Squash

New Zealand Blue Squash SQ309

110 days. (c. maxima) An unusual heirloom from New Zealand with electrifying... Read More
Night and Day Snapdragon

Night and Day Snapdragon FL876

Annual. A bi-colored descendant of ‘Black Prince’, this variety is truly... Read More
Nistru Tomato

Nistru Tomato WW199


Ogrodowy Heliotrope

Ogrodowy Heliotrope FL871

Also known as Cherry Pie, Heliotrope was immensely popular during the Victorian... Read More
Orange Flame Marigold

Orange Flame - Marigold FL883

We love the unique blooms on this dwarf French type! Bronze-red to orange... Read More
Painted Mountain Corn

Painted Mountain Corn CN101

This corn is the very definition of rugged beauty! These incredibly tough... Read More
Pandora Poppy

Pandora Poppy FL222

Annual. Flanders Poppy with a twist! The range of color runs from dusky... Read More
Papa's Blue Corn

Papa's Blue Corn CN170

All-blue ears in a wide range of blue shades, from indigo to nearly... Read More

Papa's Red Corn

Papa's Red Corn CN169

Uniformly red 8 to 12 inch ears, with the red in varying shades,... Read More

Papa's White Corn 4

Papa's White Corn CN171

Sturdy 4-foot plants seldom lodge. Ivory-white flour-type kernels,... Read More

Patio White Lavatera

Patio White - Lavatera FL872

Lavatera is also known as Tree Mallow, and can reach 6 feet tall! But Patio... Read More
Pink and White Cosmos

Pink & White Cosmos FL245

Annual that self sows in the garden. Blooms are a delicate pink overlaid... Read More
Puerto Cortes Tomato

Puerto Cortes Tomato WW202


Chandrima Turnip

Pusa Chandrima Turnip TN118

Early maturing and high yielding plants develop massive roots if left in... Read More
Pusa Meghna Cauliflower

Pusa Meghna Cauliflower CA107

An incredible innovation in heirloom cauliflower! Dr. Pritam Kalia of India... Read More
Queen Lime 'Red Heart'

Queen Lime 'Red Heart' Zinna FL865

The third incarnation of the queen zinnia series, we just can’t get enough... Read More
Quintal D'Alsace Cabbage

Quintal D'Alsace Cabbage CB123

Cultivated for over 150 years, this hardy variety has withstood the test... Read More
Red Aztec Spinach (Huauzontle) 3

Red Aztec Spinach (Huauzontle) OG130

(Chenopodium berlandiera) A relative of Lamb's Quarters and Quinoa, it... Read More
Red Devil Calendula

Red Devil Calendula FL146

With it’s dual colored petals, contrasting bright orange tops and a deep... Read More
Red Fife Wheat

Red Fife Wheat GS141

Red fife was the first heritage wheat Nominated into the Slow Foods Ark... Read More

Red Rubine Brussels Sprout BS106

A hard-to-find heirloom variety that really is colorful in cool late fall... Read More
Red Seven Pot Hot Pepper

Red Seven Pot Hot Pepper HPP196

The name reputedly refers to the peppers' outrageous heat, capable of flavoring... Read More
Refined Sugar Watermelon

Refined Sugar Watermelon WM186

Semi compact plants yield 8-10 pound light green fruits that are bursting... Read More
Rinon Rippled Delight Tomato

Riñon Rippled Delight Tomato WW198


Rio Zape Bean

Rio Zape Bean BN175

Nominated to the Slow Foods “Ark of Taste’” for its creamy texture and... Read More
Rober Cauliflower

Rober Cauliflower CA111

This is by far the most productive and adaptable cauliflower we have ever... Read More
Rosella Tomato

Rosella Tomato TP163

Massive trusses of pink to purple cherries with a smoky blush. The tiny... Read More
Rosetta Cosmo

Rosetta Cosmo FL882

Prolific 2.5-3 foot plants are covered in single to half double striped... Read More
Roughwood Improved Green Glaze Collards

Roughwood Improved Green Glaze Collards WW140

This is a new strain of collard created by Dr. William Woys Weaver by selectively... Read More
Safflower Dark Orange Red

Safflower - Dark Orange-Red HB254

Annual. Fantastic deep orange petals that make an excellent saffron substitute.... Read More
Safflower, Grenade Mix

Safflower - Grenade Mix HB255

Creamy ivory, lemon yellow and bright saffron orange thistle-like flowers... Read More
Safflower Orange-Head

Safflower - Orange-Head HB225

Annual. Flaming orange heads pop in the garden. This brilliant shade can... Read More
Schifferstadt Long Black Radish

Schifferstadt Long Black Radish WW161

This Pennsylvania Dutch heirloom traces to the historic village... Read More
Sirius Blue Sage

Sirius Blue Sage FL109

These stunning blue flower spikes will welcome hummingbirds, honeybees... Read More
Snow on the Mountain - Euphorbia

Snow on the Mountain - Euphorbia FL169

Annual that self sows in the garden. This North American Native ornamental... Read More
Snow Princess Calendula

Snow Princess Calendula FL227

Behold an almost pure white calendula that will undergo a beautiful transformation... Read More
Spanish Tolosana Bean

Spanish Tolosana Bean BN171

Bush 85 days (Also known as Prince) This magnificent kidney-bean dates... Read More
Sugar Magnolia Tendril Pea

Sugar Magnolia Tendril Pea SN120

A marvelous innovation in sugar snap pea breeding from Dr. Alan Kapuler,... Read More
Sweet Lorane Fava Bean

Sweet Lorane Fava Bean FB102

An exceptional feat in natural plant breeding, this small-seeded fava is... Read More
Tahitian Melon Squash

Tahitian Melon Squash SQ282

(C. moschata) This near-legendary butternut-type was one of the first rediscovered... Read More
Tamboura Melon

Tamboura Melon WW172

Our original seed came from the farmer’s market in Limassol, Cyprus where... Read More

Tennessee Red Peanut PE102

(Arachis hypogaea) 110 days—A treasured heirloom that has... Read More

Tequila Sunrise Snapgragon

Tequila Sunrise Snapdragon FL875

Annual. A punchy mix of bright colors makes this an exciting focal point... Read More
Thai Purple Ribbed Eggplant

Thai Purple Ribbed Eggplant EG211

An exciting eggplant that we recently collected in Thailand. This variety... Read More
Topepo Giallo Sweet Pepper

Topepo Giallo Sweet Pepper PP192

Gorgeous, nearly-round fruits are incredibly sweet, juicy and thick-walled,... Read More
Toreador Cockscomb

Toreador FL870

A 1955 All American Selection Winner. Super pretty, dwarf plants stand... Read More
Tornado Red

Tornado Red Cockscomb FL274

Massive 8-12 inch magenta heads teeter atop tall plants with lush foliage.... Read More
Tresca Strawberry

Tresca Garden Strawberry GR106

You will be pleasantly surprised to see these sweet little gems ripening... Read More
Trinidad Scorpion Yellow

Trinidad Scorpion Yellow Hot Pepper HPP211

Yellow to orange fruits often bear the infamous scorpion 'tail'. A natural... Read More
Verbena, Florist Mix

Verbena, Florist Mix FL881

Whorls of delicate five petaled flowers ranging from Burgundy to cherry... Read More
Verbena, Tenuisecta Mix

Verbena, Tenuisecta Mix FL880

A fun mix of fairy princess colors ranging from lavender and cerise to... Read More
Weaver's Mennonite Stuffing Sweet Pepper

Weaver's Mennonite Stuffing Sweet Pepper PP197

Flattened red fruits are sweet and so tiny—seldom exceed an inch in diameter.... Read More
White Creole Onion

White Creole Onion ON133

Short day. medium sized, round bulbs have a translucent white flesh that... Read More


110 days. This remarkable white milling corn was introduced to us by Lewis... Read More
White Silesian Lettuce

White Silesian Lettuce WW146

This handsome variety with pale green crinkled leaves forms... Read More
Xanthi City Red Hot Pepper

Xanthi City Red - Hot Pepper HPP204

80 days—Thin-walled, frying/seasoning type from Xanthi City, in northeastern... Read More
Yarrow, Polish Pastels Mix

Yarrow - Polish Pastels Mix HB244

(Achillea millefolium) This mix offers an electrifying mix of colors that breathes... Read More
Yatsufusa Hot Pepper

Yatsufusa Hot Pepper HPP218

Tight clusters of pointed, two-to three-inch fruits point upwards, resembling... Read More
Yellow Fire Tomato

Yellow Fire Tomato TS164

70-80 days. This dual purpose tomato brings flamboyant orange, yellows... Read More
Yellow Garden Peach Tomato

Yellow Garden Peach Tomato WW177

This delightful old French heirloom dating from the 1880s... Read More
Yellow Hinkelhatz Pepper

Yellow Hinkelhatz Pepper WW170

This hot spicy Pennsylvania Dutch heirloom pepper was acquired by my grandfather... Read More
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