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At Baker Creek we have an infectious affinity for heirlooms; our team of writers, seed-savers, photographers, gardeners and growers have dedicated their work to celebrating these special seeds. For 2017 new picks, we have trekked to the farthest reaches of the earth for rare and exciting treasures as well as preserved local traditional heirlooms— we have selected varieties from ancient history and discovered new and exciting innovations from natural breeders. Whether you love growing heirlooms for their fascinating history, stunning beauty or culinary potential, Baker Creek's fabulous new varieties offered in 2017 are sure to please!

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New Items
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1500 Year Old Cave Bean

1500 Year Old Cave Bean BN177

The amazing native bean reputedly found in a cave in New Mexico, in a clay... Read More
Abe Lincoln Original Tomato

Abe Lincoln Original Tomato TM260

The Original Abe Lincoln Tomato: This wonderful old heirloom was shared... Read More
African Daisy-Blue Disc

African Daisy-Blue Disc FL293

Annual Silvery white ray flowers offset the steel-blue “eyes” or centers.... Read More
Ageratum Leda

Ageratum Leda FL887

Miniature daisies in clusters, with petals so fine they look like glistening... Read More
Ageratum Mix

Ageratum Mix FL885

Old-fashioned favorite in gentle pastel tones of lavender, blue and white.... Read More
Aji Charapita - Hot Pepper

Aji Charapita - Hot Pepper HPP221

A tiny treasure from the Peruvian Amazon, the Aji Charapita only... Read More

Aji Chombo, Hot Pepper

Aji Chombo, Hot Pepper HPP206

Traditional Panamanian relative of Habanero. Fruits are elongated, with... Read More
Ajvarski, Sweet Pepper

Ajvarski, Sweet Pepper PP185

80 days--Here's a really outstanding roasting pepper from eastern Macedonia.... Read More
Akamuro Rice

Akamuro Rice GS148

110 days “Aka” means red in Japanese; both the plants and the hulls have... Read More
Amerikanscher Brauner Lettuce

Amerikanscher Brauner Lettuce WW147

This scarce Pennsylvania Dutch variety with crimped and deeply ruffled... Read More
Amish Melon

Amish Melon AML164

A flavorful old Amish heirloom that was collected by the members of Seed... Read More
Ammi, Bishop's Flower

Ammi, Bishop's Flower FL886

Annual. Sometimes called False Queen Anne’s Lace, but the dainty flower... Read More
Apricot Twist, Calendula

Apricot Twist, Calendula FL147

This unusual calendula variety turned heads in the 2016 Baker Creek display... Read More
Argentine White Valencia Peanut

Argentine White Valencia Peanut PE106

We discovered this variety among the collection of well known seed... Read More

Balloon Lettuce

Balloon Lettuce WW145

A delicate romaine type summer lettuce dating from the 1800s,... Read More
Basil - Aromato

Basil - Aromato HB253

Lovely accent plant for the herb garden, with its columnar habit and large... Read More
Basil - Eritrean

Basil - Eritrean HB231

Native to the small country of Eritrea on the horn of Africa, this strong... Read More
Basil - Mammolo

Basil - Mammolo HB252

A superb container variety, Mammolo has been bred for exceptionally high... Read More
Bee Balm - Red Colors

Bee Balm - Red Colors HB261

Beloved by ancient Native Americans as a medicinal plant, we love bee balm... Read More
Bianca Di Guigno Onion

Bianca Di Guigno Onion ON123

This little cipollini type onion is... Read More

Big Red Ripper Cowpea

Big Red Ripper Cowpea WW167

Also known as Mandy and Tory, this large seeded cowpea... Read More
Bingo Watermelon

Bingo Watermelon WM212

This tasty Polish heirloom stood out in our 2016 watermelon taste tests... Read More
Black Icicle Tomato 1/8 oz

Black Icicle Tomato 1/8 oz TP132H

Stunning, perfectly shaped, deep purplish-brown fruit that are almost black.... Read More
Borlotto Di Vigevano Nano Bean

Borlotto Di Vigevano Nano Bean BN191

These beautiful bush beans are a sensation at the farmers market and with... Read More
Bozeman Watermelon

Bozeman Watermelon WM205

Hurray for this delicious short season watermelon developed in Montana.... Read More
Brad's Atomic Grape Tomato

Brad's Atomic Grape Tomato TX133

Elongated cherries in clusters. The color (and flavor!) is a full-blown... Read More
Bronze Orange Corn

Bronze Orange Corn CN155

(Dent) 77 days—Dwarf stalks are only 3 ½ feet high. Despite its small stature,... Read More
Burro Mountain Popcorn

Burro Mountain Popcorn CN173

This beautiful and ancient white popcorn produces two to three, 4-6 inches... Read More
Calico Crowder Cowpea

Calico Crowder Cowpea WW165

An attractive Old South (pre-1850s) cowpea with a distinctive red... Read More

California Poppy - Rainbow Mix

California Poppy - Rainbow Mix WF145

The ultimate California Poppy mix! Every glorious shade on the spectrum... Read More
Carolina Reaper Hot Pepper

Carolina Reaper Hot Pepper HPP219

Believed to be the hottest pepper in the world, the Carolina reaper is... Read More
Chapalote Corn

Chapalote Corn CN168

This incredible flint/popcorn may be oldest corn variety grown in N. America!... Read More
Chiba Green Soybean

Chiba Green Soybean SY113

This variety is even earlier than Midori Giant at about 60 to 65... Read More

Chirimen Hakusai - Chinese Cabbage

Chirimen Hakusai - Chinese Cabbage OR105

Here is an old Japanese variety that is superbly adapted to cool weather.... Read More
Clay County Yellow Meat

Clay County Yellow Meat WM171

Extremely rare heirloom from Clay County, Alabama. Our original seed has... Read More

Cocona GR230

An easy to grow fruit from the Amazon Jungle! A distant relative of eggplant,... Read More
Coriander - Dwarf Lemon

Coriander - Dwarf Lemon HB262

A subtle citrus flavor adds a welcome twist to this ancient herb. We love... Read More
Cosmo Velouette

Cosmo Velouette FL116

Annual that self sows in the garden. This stunning variety garners... Read More

Costoluto Florentino Tomato

Costoluto Florentino Tomato TM258

75-80 days. A super productive and early maturing Italian sauce and slice... Read More
Creole Original Tomato

Creole Original Tomato TM259

We received this variety from a donor from Georgia who reported that the... Read More
Crepis, Rubra Pink

Crepis, Rubra Pink FL878

Annual. Also known as pink Hawksbeard, this stunning European classic... Read More
Cse He Jao Rice

Cse He Jao Rice GS147

115 days. Glutinous sweet rice. Sticks together well--great for sushi!... Read More
Dahlberg Daisy

Dahlberg Daisy FL106

Also known as shooting star, indeed the small yellow flowers shine through... Read More
Deitrich's Wild Broccoli Rabe

Deitrich's Wild Broccoli Rabe WW210

ROUGHWOOD/EFN EXCLUSIVE. Directors of the Experimental Farm Network selected... Read More
Duborskian Rice

Duborskian Rice GS146

110 days Our trusted upland rice. One of the first varieties tried in New... Read More
Durgesh 41 Cauliflower

Durgesh 41 Cauliflower CA110

Here is a seriously vigorous cauliflower from India. Durgesh 41 is super... Read More
Eva Purple Ball Tomato

Eva Purple Ball Tomato WW197

This... Read More

Fantazja - Sunflower

Fantazja - Sunflower FL879

A beautiful European selection, Fantazja means “imagination” in Polish.... Read More
Fejee Improved Tomato

Fejee Improved Tomato WW179

This tomato came in to my grandfather ’s collection from his... Read More
Fertilizer or Velvet Bean

Fertilizer or Velvet Bean BN183

Excellent soil-builder, which is its main use in Belize, where our seed... Read More
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