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New Items

Zlata Radish

Zlata Radish RD146

30 days. The name means “gold’ in Czech, and the silky, russeted yellow... Read More
Zentaur Fodder

Zentaur Fodder Beet BT126

60 days (90 days to fodder crop) A nice fodder beet from Europe. Roots... Read More
Zebrune Shallot

Zebrune Shallot ON129

(Cuisse de Poulet du Poitou) Gorgeous heirloom French eschalion or “banana”... Read More
Yellow Pygmy Sunflower

Yellow Pygmy Sunflower FL137

Dwarf, single-flowered variety in warm sunflower yellow. Plants reach 18... Read More
Yarrow, Colorado Mix

Yarrow, Colorado Mix HB235

Perennial—Mix of blood red, cerise, cream, yellow and white. All the good... Read More
Yarrow, Cerise Queen

Yarrow, Cerise Queen HB234

Perennial--Brilliant pink flowers, borne in typical yarrow fashion: hundreds... Read More

Yacon PL113

(Smallanthus sonchifolius) Here’s a delicious and unusual South American... Read More
Wisteria Girl Morning Glory

Wisteria Girl Morning Glory FL926

[Wisteria Girl also known as Fuji Musume] A wonderfully beautiful Japanese... Read More

White Sonora Wheat GS135

(Triticum aestivum) Here’s another very old wheat, dating to the time before... Read More
White Cloud

White Cloud Pepper PP122

70 days—Ivory bell-shaped fruits start out pale ivory, ripening in due... Read More
White Cherry Tomato

White Cherry Tomato TW124

70 days. Soft, creamy-yellow, little 1-ounce orbs are produced in nice... Read More
Warta Radish

Warta Radish RD145

35 days--Polish variety that is getting a lot of attention. Carmine red,... Read More
Wagner Blue Green Tomato

Wagner Blue Green Tomato TX122

This great “Blue” tomato comes from renowned heirloom/OP breeder Tom... Read More
Violet Sparkle

Violet Sparkle Pepper PP167

75 days—Pointed, wedge-shaped fruits are purple streaked with pale yellow.... Read More
Variegated Tapioca

Variegated Tapioca PL114

(Manihot esculenta) Spectacular, dark-green palmate foliage is richly varie-... Read More
Twinkles Dwarf Mix Phlox

Twinkles Dwarf Mix Phlox FL233

Annual. Deeply fringed or indented petal margins give the impression of... Read More
tsakonike eggplant

Tsakoniki EG203

80 days. Elongated fruits are slightly curved, run to about 7” long. Fruits... Read More
Truly Tiny Banana

Truly Tiny Banana PL119

(Musa) We believe this to be the smallest edible banana variety anywhere!... Read More
TriColor Mixed Convolvulus

TriColor Mixed Convolvulus FL130

Annual, to 12 inches high--Non-vining morning glory relative grows like... Read More
Topas Cabbage

Topas Red Cabbage CB121

80 days. Medium-early for a red type. Nice round heads, densely packed... Read More
Tom Thumb Pea

Tom Thumb Pea GP110

50-55 days. Tom Thumb is absolutely the best pea variety for container... Read More
Tom Thumb Mixed Strawflower

Tom Thumb Mixed Strawflower FL190

Annual. Dwarf Strawflowers in mixed colors. Scaled-down plants reach about... Read More
Thomas Edison Dahlia

Thomas Edison Dahlia DA103

This is a velvety purple variety that dates back to the 1920s. It is a... Read More
Thailand Caladium Collection

Thailand Caladium Collection PL125

The most beautiful Thailand Caladiums produce a wide, glossy leaf and come... Read More
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