New Items

New Items

Flashy Lightning Lettuce

Flashy Lightning Lettuce LT176

This stuff is hot and in a hurry. A quick heading butter with compact dark... Read More

Regina Strawberry GR223

Intensely red, sweet and very richly flavored. Fruits are wide-shouldered... Read More
Kiwano Rund Jelly Melon

Kiwano Rund Jelly Melon JM102

Round version of our popular Jelly Melon. Fruits are about 3" in diameter,... Read More
Lightning Mix Hot Pepper

Lightning Mix Hot Pepper HPP173

Very hot habanero type developed by noted Mennonite grower James Weaver... Read More
Wheat, Cham 2

Wheat, Cham 2 GS137

Bread wheat from Syria, where the semi-dwarf plants are usually grown under... Read More
Zavory Habanero Hot Pepper

Zavory Habanero Hot Pepper HPP192

Habanero flavor without all the heat! Mildly spicy, bullet-shaped fruits... Read More
Chocolate Bhut Jolokia Hot Pepper

Chocolate Bhut Jolokia Hot Pepper HPP195

Same malevolent shape and form as Bhut Jolokia, and the heat level is comparably... Read More
Mustard Trinidad Scorpion Hot Pepper

Mustard Trinidad Scorpion Hot Pepper HPP199

Another in the infamous Scorpion series, so you know that near-lethal heat... Read More
Tesuque Chile Hot Pepper

Tesuque Chile Hot Pepper HPP205

Fruits ripen fairly early, with medium-sized, thin-walled fruits mainly... Read More
Kogigu Winter Squash

Kogigu Winter Squash SQ304

(C. moschata) Exquisite gem of traditional Japanese squash breeding! Fruits... Read More
Xanthos Cosmo

Xanthos Cosmo FL153

"Xanthos" means "yellow"in Greek. This one comes in a focused range of... Read More
Orange Four O'Clock

Orange Four O'Clock FL188

The most beautiful orange flower we have ever seen! Stunning, orange-soda... Read More
Oopsy Daisy Calendula

Oopsy Daisy Calendula FL199

Unusually compact plants sport unusually gentle tones of orange, gold and... Read More
Avalune Mix Lupine

Avalune Mix Lupine FL411

An excellent mix of dwarf lupines, these bloom early and will perform well... Read More
White Cloud Peony-Flowered Poppy

White Cloud Peony-Flowered Poppy FL598

Creamy-white flowers are huge, and almost unbelievably double--packed to... Read More
Chidori Rose-Red Morning Glory

Chidori Rose-Red Morning Glory FL931

We loved the look of this plant in our trials this summer. The twisted,... Read More

Ashwaghanda Garden Berry GR138

Indian native plant that is indispensable in Ayurvedic medicine. Widely... Read More
Lucky Tiger Tomato

Lucky Tiger Tomato TS161

This is an elongated, green when ripe tomato that will mature to dark green... Read More
Amos Coli Tomato

Amos Coli Tomato TX129

Gorgeous plums are the epitome of what makes a tomato great for paste and... Read More
Black Beauty Tomato

Black Beauty Tomato TX125

World’s Darkest Tomato-- the darkest tomato we know of! A dark, meaty,... Read More
Chestnut Chocolate Tomato

Chestnut Chocolate Tomato TX127

Great flavor, high yields, and marked disease resistance. The indigo coloring... Read More
Blue Cream Berries Tomato

Blue Cream Berries Tomato TX124

A super-sweet cherry tomato, cream berries are super prolific. These boast... Read More
Barry's Crazy Cherry Tomato

Barry's Crazy Cherry Tomato TX130

Pale yellow cherries are delicious, and grow on some of the largest clusters... Read More
King and Queen Winter Watermelon

King and Queen Winter Watermelon WM203

Storage or “winter” melon that has unusually long shelf-life. Rind is the... Read More
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