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New Items

Ivory Castle Poppy

Ivory Castle Poppy WF175

(Eschscholzia californica) Each creamy white, four-petaled single bloom... Read More
Rustic Colors Rudbeckia

Rustic Colors Rudbeckia WF143

(also known as Gloriosa Daisy) Annual or short-lived perennial. Bright... Read More
Bright Eyes Flax

Bright Eyes Flax WF141

(Linum grandiflorum rubrum) Hardy annual. Charming plant for rock gardens,... Read More
Five Spot Nemophila

Five Spot Nemophila WF139

Annual. (Nemophila maculata) White and purple cousin to Baby Blue Eyes.... Read More
Golden West California Poppy

Golden West California Poppy WF138

(Eschscholzia californica) Bright yellow-gold, four-petaled flowers sport... Read More
Roulette Coreopsis

Roulette Coreopsis WF137

(Coreopsis tinctoria) Hardy annual--Large blooms of velvety dark mahogany-red,... Read More
Gilia Globe

Gilia Globe WF135

Hardy annual. Globe-shaped, tightly-packed clusters of sky-blue to violet... Read More
Baby Blue Eyes Nemophila

Baby Blue Eyes Nemophila WF132

Annual. Charming and unusual wildflower. Blooms are an inch across, in... Read More

Goldilocks WF131

(also known as Gloriosa Daisy)Annual, biennial or short-lived perennial.... Read More
Chinese Houses

Chinese Houses WF130

(Collinsia heterophylla) Annual. One of the showiest of native California... Read More
Showy Evening Primrose

Showy Evening Primrose WF129

Perennial. Here’s a stunning addition to the wild garden, meadow plantings... Read More
Dwarf Red Plains Coreopsis

Dwarf Red Plains Coreopsis WF127

Annual. Extravagant deep maroon version of a widely occurring native wildflower.... Read More
Hardy Kiwi Collection

Hardy Kiwi Collection PL128

(Actinidia arguta) 'Ananasnaja', or 'Anna' for short, is one of the best... Read More
Dwarf Banana Collection

Dwarf Banana Collection PL127

Dwarf types with fruits ranging from dessert types to plantain (cooking)... Read More
Louisiana Iris Collection

Louisiana Iris Collection PL126

(Also known as Swamp Iris) A complex of about four species, native to the... Read More
Thailand Caladium Collection

Thailand Caladium Collection PL125

The most beautiful Thailand Caladiums produce a wide, glossy leaf and come... Read More
Elephant Ear or Taro Collection

Elephant Ear or Taro Collection PL124

(Colocasia) One of the original "Canoe" plants of the ancient Hawaiians,... Read More
Musa 'Dwarf Nam Wa' Banana

Musa 'Dwarf Nam Wa' Banana PL123

Widely regarded as one of the best-tasting varieties! Seldom exceeds 10... Read More
Musa 'Basjoo' Banana

Musa 'Basjoo' Banana PL122

The world’s hardiest banana! Documented to survive temps to -20 degrees... Read More
Rare Fig Assortment

Rare Fig Assortment PL121

(Ficus) An assortment of some of the world’s most amazing and delicious... Read More
Edgar's Baby Dragon Fruit

Edgar's Baby Dragon Fruit PL120

(Hylocereus hybrid) Flavor of the magenta fleshed fruits is very well balanced,... Read More
Truly Tiny Banana

Truly Tiny Banana PL119

(Musa) We believe this to be the smallest edible banana variety anywhere!... Read More
Okinawan Purple Sweet Potato

Okinawan Purple Sweet Potato PL117

(Ipomoea batatas) Descended from the first sweet potatoes to reach Japan,... Read More
Jersey Yellow Sweet Potato

Jersey Yellow Sweet Potato PL116

Plump, drier-fleshed type is medium creamy-golden skinned with cream-colored... Read More
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