New Items

New Items

Molokai Purple Sweet Potato

Molokai Purple Sweet Potato PL115

Purple-fleshed type that is a locally-developed, signature type on the... Read More
Variegated Tapioca

Variegated Tapioca PL114

(Manihot esculenta) Spectacular, dark-green palmate foliage is richly varie-... Read More

Yacon PL113

(Smallanthus sonchifolius) Here’s a delicious and unusual South American... Read More
African Potato Mint

African Potato Mint PL112

(Plectranthus esculentus) Also known as Kaffir Potato. This mint relative... Read More
Stevens' Cranberry

Stevens' Cranberry PL109

(Vaccinium macrocarpon) Cranberry ‘Stevens’ is a self-fertile cranberry... Read More
Costa Rican or Jamaican Mint

Costa Rican or Jamaican Mint PL108

(Satureja viminea) Potently minty, rather succulent leaves are produced all... Read More
Possum Purple Passion Fruit

Possum Purple Passion Fruit PL107

(Passiflora edulis) Self-fertile passion fruit that can be grown in containers,... Read More

Pandan PL106

(Pandanus amaryllifolius) Used widely in SE Asian cooking, Commonly known... Read More
Mulberry, Dwarf Everbearing

Mulberry, Dwarf Everbearing PL105

(Morus nigra) Morus nigra is a medium size black mulberry with a sweet... Read More
Goji Berry

Goji Berry PL104

(Lycium barbarum) Chinese native also known as Wolfberry. The red fruits... Read More
Longevity Spinach

Longevity Spinach PL103

(Gynura procumbens) Related to Okinawan Spinach, but lower-growing and... Read More
Okinawa Spinach

Okinawa Spinach PL102

(Gynura crepiodies) Indonesian native takes full sun to partial shade;... Read More
Aronia Viking

Aronia Viking PL101

(Aronia melancarpa) Viking is a beautiful small shrub with a very flavorful... Read More
Dragon Fruit Collection

Dragon Fruit Collection PL123

Grow outdoors in a sub-tropical climate or grow as an amazing greenhouse... Read More
Oxalis Valdiviensis

Oxalis Valdiviensis FL938

Tender perennial usually grown as annual (Also known as Wood Sorrel) Andean... Read More
Orange Troika Nasturtium

Orange Troika Nasturtium FL930

Annual. The tangerine blossoms are very pretty, but lots of nasturtiums... Read More
Wisteria Girl Morning Glory

Wisteria Girl Morning Glory FL926

[Wisteria Girl also known as Fuji Musume] A wonderfully beautiful Japanese... Read More
Flower Morning Glory Ahashi Morning Light IMG_9709 2.jpg

Asahi Rising Sun Morning Glory FL925

[Asahi Rising Sun, Morning Light] Giant blooms are a rosy-pink to cherry... Read More
Baby Blue Sky Morning Glory

Baby Blue Sky Morning Glory FL924

Cute, tiny blue blooms on long vines that spread everywhere. A pretty little... Read More
Aomurask Zyouhanten

Aomurask Zyouhanten FL923

[Ao muraski zyouhanten shibori] Incredibly lovely product of centuries... Read More
Fairy Bouquet Mix Linaria

Fairy Bouquet Mix Linaria FL791

Hardy annual--Small snap-dragon type flowers are held over lacy foliage,... Read More
St. John's Fire Salvia

St. John's Fire Salvia FL702

Tender perennial usually grown as an annual. Very early, very dwarf (to... Read More
Patio Pink Lavatera

Patio Pink Lavatera FL608

Annual. Lavatera is also known as Tree Mallow, and can reach 6 feet tall!... Read More
Prickly Poppy

Prickly Poppy FL597

(Argemone albiflora) Annual. Gardeners don’t have that many options for... Read More
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