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New Items

Florist Pepperbox Poppy

Florist Pepperbox Poppy FL596

Annual. Breadseed-type poppy in shades of red, purple, and pink. The papery... Read More
Bridal Silk Poppy

Bridal Silk Poppy FL594

Hardy annual—Finally, someone has come up with an all-white strain of Flanders... Read More
Snowball Petunia

Snowball Petunia FL568

Annual. Extra-large petunia flowers reach 4 inches across, are of the whitest... Read More
Alderman Petunia

Alderman Petunia FL567

Annual. Classic funnel-shaped petunia flowers, straight from the gardens... Read More
Salmon Coral Petunia

Salmon Coral Petunia FL566

Annual. Call the brilliant color salmon, or call it coral--either way,... Read More
Carmine King Delphinium

Carmine King Delphinium FL375

Biennial or hardy annual--Truly massive spikes of densely-packed, brilliant,... Read More
Pink Queen Larkspur

Pink Queen Larkspur FL374

Garland Daisy

Garland Daisy FL299

(Chrysanthemum coronarium) Annual. Single to fully double daisies, 1-2... Read More
Kogane Fubuki Dahlias

Kogane Fubuki Dahlias DA106

This lovely Japanese variety is likey the most beautiful Dahlia we grow!... Read More
Islander Dahlia

Islander Dahlia DA105

Pretty pink dinnerplate dahlia, with slightly wavy petals. Islanders grow... Read More
Avignon Dahlia

Avignon Dahlia DA104

This Lovely dinnerplate dahlia is white with burgundy and purple streaks.... Read More
Thomas Edison Dahlia

Thomas Edison Dahlia DA103

This is a velvety purple variety that dates back to the 1920s. It is a... Read More
Kelvin Floodlight Dahlia

Kelvin Floodlight Dahlia DA102

Dahlias are native to Mexico, Central America, and Columbia; you will find... Read More
Mom's Special Dahlia

Mom's Special Dahlia DA101

These dinnerplate dahlias look good enough to eat! Lavender streaks the... Read More
Belinensis Red Yellow Sweet Pea

Belinensis Red Yellow Sweet Pea SW171

Annual—Strikingly different, recently discovered sweet pea species in a... Read More
Little Missy Daisy

Little Missy Daisy FL294

Petite little clumps of dainty, charming little daisies. Each single, violet... Read More
Impala Castor Bean

Impala Castor Bean FL284

Here’s a dwarf castor bean variety, ideal for smaller gardens that simply... Read More
Super Beaconsfield Pansy

Super Beaconsfield Pansy FL276

Annual. A stunning bicolor type: velvety lower petals in darkest purple... Read More
Hestia Runner Bean

Hestia Runner Bean RB111

70 days. Unusual bush-type runner bean variety yields full-sized stringless... Read More
Barnside Sweet Runner Bean

Barnside Sweet Runner Bean RB110

80 days Scarlet-flowered runner bean routinely reaches 25 feet in height!... Read More
Morning Dew Pansy

Morning Dew Pansy FL271

Cheerful, little pansy flowers in a range of colors including burgundy,... Read More
Rosea Dwarf Little Mixed Vinca

Rosea Dwarf Little Mixed Vinca FL270

Tender perennial usually grown as an annual. (also known as Madagascar... Read More
Distinto Mixture Sunflower

Distinto Mixture Sunflower FL258

Annual. Non-branching sunflower plants of very compact stature—maxing out... Read More
Olympia Mix Scabiosa

Olympia Mix Scabiosa FL257

Annual. Luscious mix of Pincushion Flower colors—purples, plums and blues... Read More
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